Innovation (Entrepreneurship)

Research Highlights

Evidence-Based Teaching for the 21st Century Classroom and Beyond – Innovation-Driven Learning Strategies

Kumaran Rajaram - Springer

This book equips readers with a deep understanding of the evolving and dynamic issues that need to be addressed in higher education and recommends the pedagogical frameworks and strategies to effectively engage future learners. 

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Managerial liability and corporate innovation: Evidence from a legal shock 

Yuyan Guan, Liandong Zhang, Liu Zheng & Hong Zou - Journal of Corporate Finance

This study shows that firms with lower directors' and officers' liability demonstrate greater confidence to pursue more innovations, especially explorative innovations.

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Entrepreneurs' trust propensity and discovery skills: Effects on firm partnerships and innovation

Bi Qingqing, Boh Wai Fong & Georgios Christopoulos - Journal of Business Venturing

This paper finds that entrepreneurs develop trust, react to trust violations, and recover from trust violations at a faster pace than non-entrepreneurs.

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Founder need to belong, tertius iungens orientation and new venture performance

Li‐Qun Wei, Xi Zou & Margaret Ormiston - Journal of Organizational Behavior

This research shows that founders with a higher need to belong engage in more collaborative networking behaviors, such as bringing people together and coordinating among others. And this networking orientation is positively associated with founders’ success with the new venture.

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