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Artificial Intelligence

Hannah Yee-Fen Lim - Law and Regulation

Written by outstanding lawyers, technologists, and other professionals, Artificial Intelligence – Law and Regulation is a book that provides an extensive overview and analysis of the law and regulation as it applies to the technology and uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The chapter titled Regulation, contributed by Prof Lim, analyses the laws and regulation on AI in numerous jurisdictions internationally and elucidates the legal problems associated.

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Shareholder Withdrawal in Close Corporations: An Anglo-German Comparative Analysis 

 Alan K Koh - Journal of Corporate Law Studies

Conflicts in SMEs are solved by ‘withdrawal’. I analyse German and UK withdrawal law and suggest reforms to the UK based on German and Singapore law. 

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Who is Thy Author? Recommendations to Integrate “Machine-Authored” Works into the Copyright Domain in Singapore

Samtani Anil & Abigail Lim -  European Intellectual Property Review

This study seeks to recommend suitable law reforms to address copyright-related issues involving “machine-authored” works.

Legal monolingualism in a multilingual state: Whither bilingual legal education in Singapore?

Alan K Koh - Bilingual Study and Research: The Need and the Challenges

Law and legal education are monolingual in otherwise multilingual Singapore. This chapter explores obstacles to developing bilingual legal education. 

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Singapore academy of law annual review of Singapore cases

Alan K Koh, Dan W Puchniak, & Tan Cheng Han - Company Law

This article analyses corporate Japan's recent retreat from anti-takeover defensive measures and explores its implications for hostile takeovers and corporate governance.

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The costs of not protecting personal data

What is your personal data worth? How many of us stop to think about this question before we hand over our names, NRIC numbers, phone numbers and addresses just for a lucky draw? Do we think twice about why others even need to know our NRIC numbers?