Humanitarian and Socially Responsible Operations

At ITOM, our research aims to improve the efficiency of humanitarian activities and reduce the social impact resulting from business operations.
Examples include environmental management in a supply chain, evaluation methodologies of environmental efficiency, and strategies of environmental technologies and carbon-related regulations.

For humanitarian operations, our research interests include the following areas:
  • disaster fundraising
  • analysis of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief
  • knowledge management for continuity of disaster relief practices
  • blood donation management during disaster response
  • addressing the second-tier disaster of material convergence
  • the last-mile problem in disaster energy restoration
  • disaster recovery fund allocation
  • socially responsible sourcing in the supply chain

Selected Publications

Chen C-M, DH Ho. (2019) Who pays you to be green? How customers' environmental practices affect the sales benefits of suppliers' environmental practices. Journal of Operations Management 65 (4), 333--352.