Published on 28 Mar 2021

Gen Y Speaks: My mum's struggle with tech inspired me to start a digital literacy campaign for seniors

TODAY, 29 Mar

Rishiikanthan Vijayahkumar, a final-year student at NTU’S WKWSCI, wrote about how he started #CanOneLah!, a campaign to improve digital literacy in communication tools among low-income and illiterate seniors, after realising that seniors like his mother could not keep up with emerging technology. The campaign focused on communication tools such as WhatsApp video calls, voice messaging and Zoom, which have proven to be essential tools during the pandemic.

To create a supportive community to give seniors a positive digital journey, the writer and his classmates also rolled out their CanLearnLah! workshops, which is a series of group lessons in digital communication tools where seniors can learn with their friends.