Director's Message

AP Prem
I’m delighted to welcome you to the MSc in Applied Gerontology programme at NTU. 

Asia is witnessing profound changes in the age structure of its population. The demographic shift towards an ageing population is happening at a rapid rate and unlikely to be reversed. These changes would lead to seismic shifts in individual, social and economic aspects of Asian societies including Singapore.

In an increasingly ageing Asia, gerontology, which is the scientific study of age and the ageing processes and experiences, and issues related to individual and population ageing, is a central field of study and opportunities. Applied gerontology draws on multiple disciplines and provides a well developed framework, knowledge and tool kit to understand and contribute to solving the challenges of an ageing Asia.​​​

Our programme is interdisciplinary with courses cutting across disciplinary boundaries from medicine to arts; Asia-focused to address the challenges and seize the opportunities in the region; learner-centric with an outcome based pedagogical approach; flexible to meet the needs of working professionals; adaptable with different tracks and electives; relevant to the needs in different sectors from leadership and policy making to care services and delivery.​​

We strive to bring together learners with diverse professional and educational backgrounds with a c​ommon deep passion for ageing matters, and prepare them with the specific knowledge, enhanced understanding and transferrable skills to excel in their career.

This website provides an overview and highlights the many unique features of our programme. I hope you will find the information useful and encourages you to become part of our dynamic programme.

Please contact me or a member of our team to ask any questions or to learn more about the programme.

A/P Premchand Dommaraju
Director, MSc in Applied Gerontology
Associate Professor of Sociology