From Academic Year 2021 onwards, every undergraduate matriculating into SPMS will be assigned to a student group called a House.

The House system aims to provide SPMS students with a strong community of care and support, and valuable opportunities to interact with each other and with the School's faculty and staff. After the conclusion of the SPMS Orientation and Transition programme, students will be assigned to Houses based on their orientation groups. Many SPMS student life activities throughout the year will be organised through the House system.

Click here for the SPMS Houses website

Which house do you belong to?

Students who sign up for SuPreMeS or O'Week in Academic Year 2022 will be automatically assigned to Houses based on their Orientation Group (OG). Students who did not manage to attend the student-led orientation will be assigned to a House after the Orientation and Transition period. Please check your MS Teams (SPMS Orientation 2022) after 1 Aug 2022 for the updated list of house assignment for freshmen or email Grace Hoe or Mika Yap to check. 

HouseHouse Captain AY22House Leader AY22
SolertiaLee JialeAsst Prof Marco Battiato
PeritiaVanessa Lim Boon GuanAsst Prof Justin Song
MelioraShannamae Yang-Tay Mei QiAsst Prof Kiah Han Mao
SagacitasRuth KangDr Fedor Duzhin