Published on 19 Feb 2024

The Professional Impact of Teaching Grants

Celebrating educational innovation with the NTU EdeX Teaching and Learning Grant


The EdeX Symposium convened on 19 Feb 2024 at The Hive, featuring a distinguished panel including Associate Professors Graham Matthews (SoH) and Andy Khong (EEE) alongside Assistant Professor Katherine Hindley (SoH) and Dr. Teo Chee Chong (CEE).

Moderated by Dr. Preman Rajalingam, the panel explored the profound impact of teaching grants on professional development. Prof. Hindley's grant facilitated the acquisition of historical manuscripts, enriching student learning through hands-on experience. Prof. Matthews innovatively revamped assessment methods, fostering creativity and real-world applicability. Impressively, their projects resulted in publications and further research opportunities. Concerns about unconventional teaching methods were addressed, with panelists affirming positive student feedback. Prof. Hindley lauded the grant's flexibility, allowing her to pioneer interdisciplinary approaches and witness tangible student successes. 



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