Part Time Faculty

Choi Chi-Cheung
DLitt: Oriental History, Tokyo University
MPhil: History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA: History, National Taiwan University
HH4090 Special Topics in History - Global Asia (Subtopic: Modern Chinese Social and Economic History)


Esmond Soh
Esmond Chuah Meng Soh
Master of Arts (MA) in History, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in History (Highest Distinction), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
HH2008 Feasting and Fasting: Food and Drink in History
HH2090 Special Topics in History I (Subtopic: History of the Supernatural and Paranormal)
HH2090 Special Topics in History I (Subtopic: History of Animals)
HH3018 The Environmental History of Oceans


Lin Qi Feng
Lin Qi Feng
PhD, McGill University, Department of Natural Resource Sciences and School of Environment
M.Env.Sci., Yale University, School of Environment
BSc (Hon), NUS Department of Statistics & Applied Probability
HH3013 Comparative History of Race Science
HH3017 World Environmental History
HH3090 Special Topics in History II (Subtopic: Southeast Asia Environmental History
HH4006 The Green Earth: Topics in Environmental History
HH4016 Topics in World History
HH4091 Special Topics in History - Interdisciplinary History
HH4092 Special Topics in History - World History


Poh Gang Hao
PhD in History, Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts in History and Classical Civilizations (Highest Honors), University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
HH2020 Science and War
HH2126 Heroes and Heroines in Asia
HH3007 Southeast Asian-China Interactions