Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RIEO plays a key role in identifying and equipping personnel involved in research with the tools required to carry out their work in a manner abiding by statutory and institutional requirements. Courses such as the Image Integrity workshop are aimed at raising awareness on possible areas of research misconduct and how conduct and reporting of research can be done in both an ethical and efficient manner.


NTU-Library Workshops​

The NTU Library conducts data management planning and data sharing on DR-NTU (Data) workshops. Data management planning and data sharing help to mitigate risks related to unavailability of properly managed research data to support research findings and fulfil NTU, funders and publishers' requirements. 

Visit this webpage to sign up for the workshops.




IACUC Workshop on Updates to the NACLAR Guidelines

This workshop was held on 6 and 8 Nov 2023 at NTU main campus and Clinical Sciences Building respectively.

Organised by the Research Integrity and Ethics Office, the workshop covered recent changes in the 2nd edition NACLAR Guidelines that came into effect as of 1 Mar 2023, as well as how to navigate common issues faced with ERMP use. Participants were introduced to how these changes have been implemented in the IACUC’s and ARF’s policies and procedures.

 View the workshop slides here.

 For more information, please write to [email protected].

Are you conducting Human Biomedical Research or Human Tissue Banking Activities?

This workshop was held on 9 and 11 Oct 2023 at NIE and Clinical Sciences Building respectively.

Organised by the Research Integrity and Ethics Office, the workshop covered the requirements for Human Biomedical Research or Human Tissue Banking Activities regulated in Singapore under the Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA).

This is to ensure that biomedical research involving human subjects are being conducted to proper ethical standards to protect the rights, safety and welfare of research participants and tissue donors.

 For more information, please write to [email protected]

NTU-IRB Social, Behavioural, and Educational Research (SBER) Workshop 2023

This workshop was held in NTU, on 8 March 2023.

Organised by Research Integrity and Ethics Office, this workshop provided tips on submitting IRB applications to receive faster approval and common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid in the IRB submissions.

This workshop has provided participants with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the IRB process with ease. 

View the session recording and slides here.

For more information, please write to [email protected]

Activation of the Human Tissue Framework

This talk was held in NTU, on 16 October 2019.

The Ministry of Health activated the Human Tissue Framework (HTF) under the Human Biomedical Research Act (HBRA) in Q4 2019.

Organised by Research Integrity and Ethics Office, this talk provided guidelines to faculty and researchers who are currently (or will be) involved in the collection, use or storage of human tissues to ensure research activities meet legal requirements. Please click here for definition of human tissues. 


For more information, please write to [email protected]

Research Integrity Seminar

On 7 Aug 2019, RIEO held a seminar on research integrity to showcase  NTU's abstracts presented at the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity

This seminar featured 3 oral presentations, of which 2 were awardees of the 2018 Research Integrity Grant Call that was aimed at raising awareness of good research work carried out by NTU's researchers.

The 2019 Research Integrity grant call has been launched to further research on understanding the behaviours affecting the practice of research integrity and ethics in NTU. 

 For grant call information, visit here.

​6th World Conference On Research Integrity: 2-5 June 2019

This Conference Was Held In Hong Kong, From 2-5 June 2019.

Jointly Organised By Hong Kong And Melbourne , The Conference Aims To Provide A Forum For Exploring Open Research, Research Reproducibility And More Responsible Research Application By Addressing Issues Of New Challenges Of Research Integrity. 

There were sessions on improving the quality and reliability of science through best practices in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). NTU participated with 7 poster and oral presentations, which is a testament to NTU's commitment to continuously develop  and foster best practices in research integrity, and to remain current in the evolving research scene.

Visit The Website For Conference Resources.

Applying Under the New Exempt Review Category

At the recent NTU-IRB roadshow held on 22 May 2019, NTU researchers were introduced to the new Exempt category which aims to facilitate prompt processing of IRB applications classified as the lowest risk.

Participants were introduced to the 6 categories under Exempt Review, followed by an analysis of research studies that are included or excluded from this form of review. Participants were also provided with an overview of the application and submission process.

To qualify for Exempt Review, researchers must ensure that their study meets all of the 6 criteria stated in the guidelines.

Please write to [email protected] for any enquiries.

Basics in Animal Behavioural Neurosciences

On 14 and 15 Mar 2019, RIEO and LKCMed co-organised a workshop on "Basics in Animal Behavioural Neurosciences" to guide researchers on good practices in animal behaviour experiments.

Held over two days, the workshop featured subject experts Dr Frederic Chua, Dr Hannes Hentze and Dr Zoe Bichler who touched on topics such as experimental design, study conduct, data analysis and ethical aspects of such studies. The seminar was followed by a practical session for hands-on application as well as subsequent data analysis techniques.

For queries regarding the workshop, please write to [email protected].

​Doing Research? Your Legal Obligations Under The PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT (PDPA): 16 August 2018

O​rganised by Research Integrity and Ethics Office on 16 August 2018. 

The talk by Mr Jerry Tan, Director in the Corporate Governance Group at NTU covered the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) obligations and the implications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

Visit the  website to learn more about the NTU PDPA Statement.

4th International Conference on Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2018: 9-1​1 May 2018​​

This conference was held in Ephesus, Turkey, from 9-11 May 2018.

Jointly organised by Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Mendel University in Brno, and the European Network for Academic Integrity​, the conference aims to provide a forum for sharing best practices a​​nd experiences by addressing issues of academic integrity.​

Visit the website​ to learn ​more about the ​​suggested approaches to promote academic integrity.
​IRB Refresher Course

On 13th March 2018, trainers from CENTRES (Clinical Ethics Network+ Research Ethics Support) conducted a workshop for NTU IRB members on ethical principles when involving human subjects in research. CENTRES is a national training platform catered to enhancing capabilities of ethics committees' work in Singapore.

Ms Sumytra Menon, Programme Director at CENTRES, and her team, tailored the workshop towards the nature of Social Behavioural and Educational research. There were breakout session where case examples were discussed with the assistance of facilitators.

The aim is to ensure that the ethical standards of research in NTU is com​parable to internationally accepted standards.​

Asia Pacific Research Integrity Network Meeting: 26-28 Feb 2018​​

​The third APRI meeting was held in Taipei, Taiwan, from 26-28 Feb 2018.

The APRI network meetings aim to promote dialogue and the sharing of resources between institutes to identify best practices in upholding research integrity. To learn more about the origins of the network and its objectives, click  here

​Ethical and Regulatory Aspects of Animal Experimentation: 16 Jan 2018

On 16 Jan 2018, Dr Frederic Chua, Attending Veterinarian at NTU-IACUC, gave a talk on animal welfare ethics and on the legal and regulatory aspects of animal experimentation.

A key theme of the workshop was the responsible use of animals, and so attendees were informed of how this could be practiced through the implementation of the 3Rs: Replacement, Reduction, Refinement.

If you are keen on attending similar courses in future, register your interest with us.

NTU President's Talk on Research Integrity: 6 Oct 2017​

On 6th October 2017, a second high level meeting on research integrity was held at the EM​B learning studio. This was a follow up to the first held on 8th June 2017, and was targeted at senior management and members of the newly formed  Research Integrity Committee​.

The talk was chaired by NTU President and covered the measures implemented to promote the responsible conduct of research in the University. He also touched on the need for greater faculty involvement in research integrity matters.

Click here to access the session's recording and log in with your username and password when prompted. 

2nd International Day of Action against Contract Cheating: 18 Oct 2017 

Contract cheating is defined by Dr Thomas Lancaster as "the process through which students can have original work produced for them, which they can then submit as if this were their own work. Often this involves the payment of a fee and this can be facilitated using online auction sites". 

More can be done by institutions to prevent and identify cases of contract cheating; these methods are covered in the Institutional Toolkit to Combat Contract Cheating

Course on Research Integrity: 11 Aug 2017

​The C​ourse on Research Integrity is an annual course conducted by Prof Tim White, Prof Kingsley Bolton and Prof Peter Looker, for IGS/MSE graduate students. The most recent course was conducted on 11 August 2017 and the recordings of these lectures can be accessed via Training on Research Integrity.

Image Integrity- Best Practice in Preparing Imagery for Publication: 5-8 Jun 2017​

The first workshop organised by RIEO was held at The Hive, NTU, from 5-8 Jun 2017. Reputed speakers Jana Christopher and Dr. Holger Lorenz, were in town to conduct the course on image manipulation techniques and the Do's and Dont's of imagery manipulation. For requests on course materials or any futher information / feedback, plea​​se Contact Us.

5th World Conference on Research Integrity: 28-31 May 2017

The conference was held from 28-31 May 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where speakers from various institutes shared their views on issues pertaining to research integrity such as authorship, responsible conduct, replication, to name a few. NTU's Professor Bertil Andersson was one of the keynote speakers and touched on the importance of research integrity at NTU. The presentation material can be accessed via Research and Research Integrity - a key priority for a young and fast rising university.

A key item on the agenda at this WCRI was the formulation of the  Amsterdam Agenda to advance efforts in promoting research integrity. While the version provided is a post-conference draft, the final document will be rel​eased in July this year.​


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