NTU Research Integrity Committee

Network of Research Integrity Points of Contact: Terms of Reference

  • ​To provide a forum for NTU research integrity points of contact to exchange information, experiences and views;​
  • To make recommendations to NTU senior management with regard to the development of the NTU research integrity policy;
  • To advise on the implementation of research integrity policy decisions, with special reference to educational programmes and mentoring;
  • To lead and support the implementation of research integrity policy matters;
  • To conduct any other business relevant to the development and strengthening of research integrity at NTU.


  • The Committee will be chaired by the Vice President (Research) and, in his/her absence, by a designated Research Director(s) (President's Office).
  • A senior representative from each College, School, Research Institute, Autonomous Institute conducting research, and the URECA programme shall be appointed as both a member of the RIC and as the Research Integrity Point of Contact (RIPOC) for their respective unit. Normally, the Associate Chair (Research) or equivalent will be appointed.
  • Observers from other relevant groups including the Associate Provosts (Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education), the Deputy Associate Provost (Information & Knowledge) or his/her representative,  the Chief Information Officer or his/her representative, and the Chief Planning Officer or his/her representative shall be invited to attend RIC meetings.
  • The Research Integrity Officer will be in attendance and the Research Integrity and Ethics Office (RIEO) will provide the Secretariat.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Research Integrity Point of Contact

  1. To act as the formal conduit for information on the University’s research integrity policy and its implementation between the College/School/Autonomous Institute/Research Institute or other appropriate unit and the President’s Office acting through the Vice President (Research) and the Research Integrity Officer. The RIPOC will ensure that Deans, Chairs and Directors, as appropriate, are kept fully aware of NTU policy development in research integrity;
  2. To provide the focal point within the College/School/Autonomous Institute/Research Institute or other appropriate unit for advice, information and mentoring/education and, in so doing, to be familiar with the details of educational programmes developed by the University in the area of academic and research integrity;
  3. To liaise with the Research Integrity Officer with regard to any allegations of breaches of the research integrity received by the RIPOC and assist in any further investigations, as appropriate;
  4. In particular, the RIPOC is expected to be familiar with the contents of the on-line Epigeum Research Integrity programme, based on the edVenture platform provided by CELT, and to develop mentoring and tutorial sessions to supplement in the online programme in a blended learning environment. The RIPOC will be expected to liaise with the Research Integrity Officer to develop “road-shows” in research integrity for faculty, research staff and graduate students;
  5. The RIPOC will receive all notifications from OHR, and local HR units as appropriate, and from GSO with regard to those faculty, research staff and graduate students who, following reminders, have failed to sign the Research Integrity Declaration and to follow up with the individuals concerned to ensure compliance;
  6. The RIPOC will ensure that all persons involved in developing external research collaborations, whether in Singapore or abroad, are aware of the NTU research integrity policy and include a standard clause on research integrity in all agreements;
  7. The RIPOC is expected to contribute pro-actively to the development of the NTU Research Integrity policy through participation in the Network of Research Integrity Points of Contact (NORIPOC) chaired by Vice-President (Research).

Members of the Research Integrity Committee

Prof Ernst KUIPERS

Vice President (Research)
Prof Lim Kah Leong

Associate Vice President
(Biomedical and Life Sciences)
Assoc. Prof Roderick Bates

Research Integrity Officer

Research Integrity Points of Contact (RIPOCs) are located in the various Schools and departments within NTU to provide  research personnel throughout the University with easy access to persons who will act as the reporting authority in the event you wish to highlight any suspected research misconduct. The current list of colleges / schools / institutes with RIPOCs are as indicated below.

​EngineeringA/Prof Wen Yonggang
[email protected]
​Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences​A/Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto
[email protected]
Lee Kong Chian School of MedicineA/Prof Navin Kumar Verma[email protected]
Nanyang Business School Prof Xin Chang, Simba[email protected]
National Institute of Education (NIE)A/Prof Lee Yew Jin[email protected]
S. Rajaratnam School of International StudiesDr Tamara Nair[email protected]
​ScienceProf Sum Tze Chien[email protected]


Art, Design & MediaA/Prof Hans-Martin Rall[email protected]
Biological SciencesProf Ruedl Christiane[email protected]
Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and BiotechnologyProf Zhao Yanli[email protected]
Civil and Environmental EngineeringA/Prof Cao Bin[email protected]
Computer Science and EngineeringProf Lin Weisi[email protected]
Electrical and Electronic Engineering​Prof Wang Qijie[email protected]
HumanitiesA/Prof Alexander Coupe​​​​[email protected]
Materials Science and EngineeringA/Prof Ng Kee Woei​​​​​[email protected]
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringA/Prof Wan Man Pun [email protected]​​
Physical and Mathematical SciencesA/Prof Frederique Elise Oggier[email protected]
Social Sciences​A/Prof Wan Ching[email protected]
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and InformationA/Prof Edson C. Tandoc Jr[email protected]





Prof Theng Yin Leng
​Associate Provost (Faculty Affairs)[email protected]
​Prof Tjin Swee Chuan​Associate Provost (Graduate Education)[email protected]​​
​Ms Caroline Pang
Director, Office of Information, Knowledge and Library Services
[email protected]
​Mr Chan Lay Kock​Senior Assistant Director, Centre for IT Services (CITS)[email protected] 
​Mr Chan Wei ChuenRegistrar
[email protected]
​Mr Alvin Ong​Chief Information Officer[email protected]
​Mr Jerry Tan​Director (Personal Data Protection Act Office)

[email protected] 

​Prof Fung Tat Ching​Director of RSO [email protected]
​Ms Chew-Ooi Lian Ping
​Senior Manager, LIBRIS
[email protected]