What we do

Innovative engineered solutions for the water and environmental markets
With Research - Engineering - Deployment  (RED) as our guiding philosophy, NEWRI harnesses the value of our efficient, reuse innovations and natural waste to create an impact, through industrial and CSR projects, to develop a truly circular economy.

Robust engineering coupled with industry-level translation
NEWRI supports Singapore’s national water and environmental priorities, combining deep research and robust engineering to pilot and deploy water- and waste-saving innovations at full scale in real-life settings.


Over 135 intellectual property for commercial development and deployment
Over 300 researchers, scientists and engineers with multi and inter disciplinary competencies 

Collaborations across > 120 industries and > 45 institutions

> 1000 publications with over 40% featured in top 10% journals
Cutting edge facilities available at CleanTech Park, Waste-to-Energy R&D and Wastewater Demo-scale treatment plant

Research Focus

More on our research focus

The research arm of NEWRI looks at real-life problems from a fundamental science perspective and devises practical solutions. Our deep research encompasses five domains:

Translating and applying mathematical models and visualisations

Modelling and Artificial Intelligence

Membrane technology for water, environment, energy and cleaner production.

Membrane Technology

Solid waste value capture through waste to energy to materials technologies

Resource Recovery

Energy & Resource Recovery through sustainable water and biosolids management system

Biotechnology and Bioprocesses

Physical and chemical materials for environmental treatment applications

Environmental Chemistry and Materials