NEWRI Management Team

Our leaders are amongst the top 25 Global Thought Leaders in Environmental Engineering. They have the advance knowledge to solve problems in the real world and competency to guide and train over 300 researchers and students in science and engineering. Our leaders expertise and know-how have excel their centres and made positive impact in the domain of environment and water through both industry collaborations and CSR programme.
Prof Shane Snyder, Executive Director

Professor Wang Rong

Executive Director,

Programme Director
Membrane Technology
Director (SMTC)

Dr Adil Dhalla, Chief Operating Officer

Dr Adil M. Dhalla

Deputy Executive Director
Chief Operating Officer 

Asst Prof Grzegorz Lisak, Director (R3C)

Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak

Deputy Executive Director,

Programme Director

Resource Recovery 

Prof Hu Xiao, Director (ECMC)

Professor Hu Xiao

Programme Director
Environmental Chemistry & Materials 

Assoc Prof Richard Webster, Director (NEWRIEdu)

Associate Professor Richard Webster

Programme Director
Lien Environmental Fellowship (LEF) Program

Programme Director
NEWRI Education & Training (NEWRIEdu)

Dr Babu Narayanswamy, Director (Operation)

Dr Babu Narayanswamy 

Engineering, Safety, Lab & Analytical Lab Management.

Federico Lauro

Associate Professor Federico Lauro

Technology Leader, Microbiology

Sierin Lim

Associate Professor Sierin Lim

Technology leader, Bioengineering

Darren Sun

Associate Professor Darren Sun Delai

Technology leader, Nanotechnology 

Assoc Prof Chong Tzyy Haur, Dep Director (SMTC)

Associate Professor Chong Tzyy Haur

Technology Leader
Membrane Technology
Deputy Director (SMTC)

Tan Choon Hong

Professor Tan Choon Hong 

Technology Leader, Membrane Chemistry

She Qianhong

Assistant Professor She Qianhong

Technology Leader, Integrated Membrane Systems

Zhou Kun

Professor Zhou Kun

Technology Leader, Materials Modelling and Design, 3D printing

Yin Xunyuan

Assistant Professor Yin Xunyuan

Technology Leader,  Modelling & AI

Fei Xunchang

Assistant Professor Fei Xunchang

Technology Leader, Waste Management & Resource Recovery

Paul Liu

Assistant Professor Paul Liu

Technology Leader, Chemical Engineering 

Lim Teik Thye

Professor Lim Teik Thye

Technology leader, Catalytic Processes

Ng Kee Woei

Professor Ng Kee Woei

Technology Leader, Nanomaterials & Nanotoxicology

Liu Zheng

Professor Liu Zheng

Technology Leader, Energy Harvesting Materials 

Dalton Tay

Associate Professor Dalton Tay Chor Yong

Technology Leader, Novel Biomaterials

Jason Xu Zhichuan

Professor Jason Xu Zhichuan

Technology Leader, Electrochemistry and Electrocatalysis