NEWRI Governance Committee

Chairman NGC Prof Lam Khin Yong

Vice President (Research), NTU 

Professor Lam Khin Yong

Chairman, NEWRI Governance Committee

NGC member Prof Louis Phee

Dean, College of Engineering, NTU 

Professor Louis Phee Soo Jay

Member NGC

member NGC Prof Simon Redfern

Dean, College of Science, NTU 

Professor Simon Redfern

Member NGC

member NGC Dr Alex Lin

Interim Chief Executive Officer, 

NTUitive Pte Ltd

Dr Alex Lin 

Member NGC


member NGC Mr Gian Yi-Hsen

Executive Director, Senior Vice President and Head, Operations - Industries and Corporates Conglomerates 


Mr Gian Yi-Hsen

Member NGC

member NGC Mr Satish Appoo

Group Director, Joint Operations & Technology, 


Mr Satish Appoo

Member NGC

member NGC Prof Tim White

Associate Vice President, (Infrastructure and Programmes), President's Office, NTU 

Professor Tim White

Member NGC