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Globally ranked among the top research and technology organisations in the environment and water domain, the NEWRI ecosystem strives t​o take its lab-scale innovations to innovative engineered solutions for the water and environmental markets. With ‘Research-Engineering-Deployment’ (RED) as its guiding philosophy, NEWRI bridges deep research with cutting-edge innovation, robust engineering coupled with industry-level translation, to field applications, piloting and deployment at full scale in real life settings.

Through industrial and CSR projects with commercial and social impact, NEWRI continuously strives to make a difference towards developing a true circular economy through efficient reuse innovations, and harnessing the value in waste. The NEWRI ecosystem comprises the following domains: 
- Biotechnology & Bioprocesses
Environmental Sensing, Modelling & AI Machine Learning,
Environmental Chemistry & Materials
Resource Recovery
- Membrane Technology (SMTC) 

Together with a 
philanthropic initiative, analytics cluster and engineering team, as well as an education and training unit​ in environmental science and engineering. They form an inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional ecosystem to provide holistic environmental engineered solutions. 


Become the pre-eminent Water and Environment Research Institute, focused on leading-edge research, translation into world class products, and developing a highly skilled workforce.


Address Singapore’s national priorities in water and environmental needs. Perform fundamental Research, translate through robust Engineering to innovative solutions, and work with industrial and institutional partners, towards their Deployment to enhance Singapore’s global standing and attract investment.

Our services


Research & Innovation 

Providing solutions to real-life problems through fund​amental and applied research by world’s leading researchers with unique infrastructure​

tech consultancy

 Industry Consultancy ​

In close collaboration with industry, to address national and global needs

scaling up

Scaling up

From bench, to pilot, to demonstration, and partnering at full industrial scale

education training
We offer unique training programmes for students and working adults. Our graduates are highly sought after by academia and industry


We derisk, translate & monetise our technology

Providing clean water access, sanitation, and renewable energy for developing communities in Asia


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