Research Capabilities

NEWRI develops technology and engineering solutions based on transdisciplinary and in-depth scientific know-how, and application experiences. Guided by our Research-Engineering-Deployment (R.E.D) philosophy, NEWRI derisks its IPs and technologies to better meet the needs of industry and national interest. 

NEWRI is recognised by Lux Report 2013 among the top 9 research organisations in the environment & water domain globally. With our 400-strong scientific research and engineering manpower, led by globally ranked thought leaders in the domain, NEWRI has built a strong foundation of innovative research.​​​​​

Applied Research, Derisking, and Translation



One of the challenges for commercialisation of IP-protected novel technologies, is the translation and bridging the gap between laboratory processes, results and testing, and full-scale final product.

This comprises several key challenges, including scaling up component materials and equipment, system level thinking, and testing at pilot scale in an actual application setting.

NEWRI‘s ART (Applied Research and Translation) leads and facilitates the bridging process in three platforms:  lab scale - to pilot - to full scale plant; these platforms help NEWRI to de-risk its innovative technologies developed in its laboratories and make them market ready for their commercialization.


NEWRI Analytics Cluster and Equipment

NEWRI’s state-of-the-art laboratories house an extensive range of cutting-edge experimental and analytical facilities, specializing in environmental engineering applications. Our wide span of instruments cover chromatography, microscopy, spectrosco​py, and elemental analysis.​

The NEWRI Analytics Cluster team also offers a one-stop service for comprehensive expertise & support catered to the characterisation & research needs of internal researchers and external partners.

Analytics Cluster (TEM)

NEWRI’s state-of-the-art laboratories house an extensive range of high-end experimental and analytical facilities which render strong support to the 5 domains of research activities.

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Our cutting-edge analytical facilities cover a wide span of instruments including

Chromatography, Microscopy,  Spectrosco​py, Elemental analysis, and Specialized instruments
The equipment is managed by a dedicated NEWRI Analytics Cluster Team and provides strong analytical support to the highly inter-disciplined and multi-disciplined research in environmental science and engineering. NEWRI Analytics Cluster provides strong expertise and one-stop services to internal researchers and external partners in analytics. The research facilities are also available for NEWRI partners who have collaborative projects with us to access. ​