Environmental Process Modelling Centre (EPMC)

Environmental Process Modelling Centre (EPMC) is the repositioned DHI-NTU Centre at NTU within the NEWRI Ecosystem for the Tranche 3 development. The joint centre between DHI and NTU was initiated in 2007 to support the development of the local environmental and water industry in Singapore. It was among the first batch of Centres of Excellence supported by EWI in this direction. The first 5 years of Tranche 1 (2007-2012) was led by DHI in terms of contract administration, and with NTU collaborating in the research activities. In the subsequent Tranch 2 from Oct 2012 to Mar 2016, NTU and DHI executed the joint centre in an independent manner, while collaborating in research at the same time. With the continuous development, DHI-NTU Centre at NTU has been repositioned to EPMC within the NEWRI ecosystem in Tranche 3 from 1 April 2016. 

EPMC aims to address the industry needs for future growth, with the advanced development of environmental modelling and simulations tools for analysis, identification of potential issues, and offering of improved solutions.


To generate new water knowledge and to strengthen the water & environment industry in Singapore via the development of innovative technologies and training of water & environment professionals.​​​
The mission of the Centre is to conduct research and provide training to uplift Singapore to a higher echelon in the following areas: 
  • Urban Planning and Water Management 
  • Industrial Water Management 
  • Environmental Modelling 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Decision Support System Tools and Technologies

EPMC areas​ of research

Advanced development of environmental modelling and simulations tools for analysis, identification of potential issues, and offering of improved solutions.

Modelling & Hydrodynamics

  • Contaminant Fate
  • Transport in Water, Ocean Outfalls & Intakes

Sensors & Networks

  • Water Quality Sensors, Tree Stability Sensors, IoT Networks)


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Industrial and Municipal Water System Simulation & Process Controls,
  • Molecular Dynamics


DRFM hybrid model to optimize energy performance of pre-treatment depth filters in desalination facilities

1.EPMCposter_DRFM Model

Numerical simulation of air pressurization within dropshafts

2.EPMCposter_Numerical Simulation of Air Pressurization

Mixing behaviors of inclined dense jets in flowing currents

3.EPMCposter_Inclined Dense Jets

Design & development of 2D nanomaterial based membranes for water desalination:

Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation

4.EPMCposter_Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation

Molecular dynamics simulations in membrane material design for desalination

5.EPMCposter_MD simulations in membrane material design

MOF-Based nanoporous membranes for seawater desalination

6.EPMCposter_MOF-Based Nanoporous Membranes

Study on multi‐port jets in shallow water

7.EPMCposter_Multi-port Jets

EPMC research enquiries: Professor Law Wing-Keung, Adrian (Director) / (65) 6790 5296

EPMC lab safety enquires: Ms Li Min (Lab Manager) / (65) 6790 5077