Residues, Resource and Reclamation 

Our research in residues, resource and reclamation strengthens Singapore environmental industry's capability in waste and resource management with emphasis on use-inspired R3 (Residues, Resource and Reclamation) research and translation for Singapore, and in the Asia Pacific region. It acts as a focal point for synergistic research collaborations with national agencies, industry partners, and educational and research institutions, both locally and from around the world.

Its R.E.D activities are focused around these 3 key areas: 
  • Waste to materials - converting waste into new, useful materials; 
  • Waste to energy - harnessing energy from urban biomass, sewage sludge, agricultural residues, micro-algae; 
  • Contaminated site remediation - developing solutions and technologies for remediating contaminated sites.

Areas of research

Solid waste value capture through waste to energy and waste to materials technologies. 

Chemical Stabilisation

  • Ash/slag re-utilization
  • CO2 sequestration
  • landfill remediation


  • Syngas upgrading,
  • Chemical looping combustion

Air Pollution Control

  • Portable analysis system
  • Corrosion control

Energy & Resource recovery

  • Plastics to Oil 
  • Carbon-based materials/Nanotubes

Our laboratories houses a number of specialized equipment for resource recovery research studies. Experienced scientists, well equipped laboratories and test plants are available for interdisciplinary research.​
Research enquiries: Associate Professor Grzegorz Lisak (Programme Director) [email protected] / (65) 6592 1765

Lab safety enquires: Ms Vicnesvari T (Lab Manager) [email protected] / (65) 6790 5949