​SMTC Recent Publications
  1. Choi, M.-J., Yang, E., Yu, H.-W., Kim, I.S., Oh, S.-E., Chae, K.-J.
    Transition metal/carbon nanoparticle composite catalysts as platinum substitutes for bioelectrochemical hydrogen production using microbial electrolysis cells
    (2018) International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 
    DOCUMENT TYPE: Article in press​ (Abstract)​
  2. Ma, H., Zhou, L., Ma, S., Yang, S., Zhao, Y., Zhang, W., Chew, J.W.
    Impact of multi-hole-wall air coupling with air-staged technology on H2S evolution during pulverized coal combustion
    (2018) Fuel Processing Technology
    Volume 179, Pages 277-284
    DOCUMENT TYPE: Article (Abstract)
  3. Li, W., Chuah, C.Y., Yang, Y., Bae, T.-H.
    Nanocomposites formed by in situ growth of NiDOBDC nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheets for enhanced CO2 and H2 storage
    (2018) Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Volume 265, Pages 35-42
    DOCUMENT TYPE: Article (Abstract)
R3C Recent Publications​
  • Sulagna Gupta, Jaslyn J.L. Lee and Wei Ning Chen; Analysis of Improved Nutritional Composition of Potential Functional Food (Okara) after Probiotic Solid-State Fermentation. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 66 (21): 5373-5381. (Published in May 2018)​ (Abstract)​
  • Chan, W.P., Dou, X., Ren, F., Yin, K., Chang, V.W.C. (2018) A large-scale field trial experiment to measure effective release of heavy metals from incineration bottom ashes during construction in land reclamation. Science of the Total Environment, 637-638,182-190. (Top 10% of journals by field) (Abstract)
  • Yin, K., Ahamed, A., Lisak, G. (2018) Environmental perspectives of recycling various combustion ashes in cement production – a review. Waste Management, 78, 401-416. (Top 10% of journals by field) (Abstract)
​
AEBC Recent Publications
  • Lu, D., Xiao, K., Chen, Y., Soh, Y.N.A., Zhou, Y., 2018b. Transformation of dissolved organic matters produced from alkaline-ultrasonic sludge pretreatment in anaerobic digestion: From macro to micro. Water Research 142, 138-146.  (Published Oct-18)​ (Abstract)​
  • Suresh, A., E. Grygolowicz-Pawlak, S. Pathak, L. S. Poh, M. b. Abdul Majid, D. Dominiak, T. V. Bugge, X. Gao and W. J. Ng (2018). "Understanding and optimization of the flocculation process in biological wastewater treatment processes: A review." Chemosphere 210: 401-416. (Accepted online 05-July-18) (Abstract)
  • Hang Liu, Yongkui Yang, Huifang Sun, Lin Zhao, Yu Liu. (2018) Effect of tetracycline on microbial community structure associated with enhanced biological N&P removal in sequencing batch reactor. Bioresource technology, Vol 256, page 414-420. (Published May 2018) (Abstract)
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EPMC Recent Publications
  • Zhang, H., Liu, B., Kieu, T. H., Wu, M. S., Zhou, K. and Law, A.W.K., 2018. “Coarse-grained molecular dynamics study of membrane distillation through meso-size graphene channels”. Journal of Membrane Science, 558, 34-44. Impact factor 6.035, Q1, ranking: 4/86 (top 10%) in Polymer Science. (Abstract)​
  • Jiang, M., Law, A.W.K., and Zhang, S., 2018.  “Mixing behavior of 45 degrees inclined dense jets in currents”.  Journal of Hydro-Environment Research, IAHR, 18, 37-48. ​(Abstract)
  • Lai, A.C.H., Adams, E.E. and Law, A.W.K., 2018.  “Mass loss to the trailing stem of a sediment cloud”.  Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, ASCE, 139(2), 114-123. (Abstract)​
​
ECMC Recent Publications​
  • M. Cui, H. Chang, Y. Zhong, M. Wang, T. Wu, X. Hu, Z. J. Xu, and Chenjie Xu. (2018). Detection of Bacteria in Water with β-Galactosidase-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles. SLAS TECHNOLOGY: Translating Life Sciences Innovation, 1-7. (Published May 2018) (Abstract)​
  • Liang Y.N., Oh W.-D., Li Y., Hu X. (2018). Nanocarbons as platforms for developing novel catalytic composites: overview and prospects. Applied Catalysis A: General 562, 94-105. (Published July 2018) (Abstract)
  • Adav, S. S., Subbaiaih, R. S., Kerk, S. K., Lee, A. Y., Lai, H. Y., Ng, K. W., ... & Schmidtchen, A. (2018). Studies on the Proteome of Human Hair-Identification of Histones and Deamidated Keratins. Scientific Reports, 8(1). (Jan 2018) (top 10% of journals by field)(Abstract)
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