This domain applies to physical and chemical materials for environmental treatment applications, with research efforts towards water technology, environmental / sustainable chemistry and environmental material science.  To support endeavours such as industrial wastewater treatment, advanced oxidation, sorption, value-creating green products and processes, food safety and water recycling, and other advanced environmental analysis

Its R.E.D efforts are focused around these 3 key areas: 

Water Technology 
  • Industrial waste water treatment 
  • Innovative advanced oxidation processes 
  • Rapid drinking water disinfection 
  • ZLD technology
Environmental Chemistry 
  • Environmental catalysis and catalytic processes 
  • Environmental monitoring and toxicity analysis 
  • Smart reusable sorbents 
  • Green and sustainable nanotechnology 
Environmental Materials Science 
  • Functional materials derived from biomasses and incineration ash 
  • Green chemicals and materials from renewable resources 
  • New materials for non-conventional filtration and separation
  • Plastic waste and microplastics ​

Areas of research

Physical and chemical materials for environmental treatment applications. 

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

  • Photocatalysis
  • Ozonation
  • Hybrid Combinations


  • Novel materials for disinfection,
  • lower energy
  • recyclable


  • Hydrogel
  • Activated Carbon

Resource recovery

  • Valuable metal recovery from waste streams

Chemical technologies for industrial wastewater - advanced oxidation process
Chemical Tech for Industrial wastewater

Development of novel superabsorbent cryogels for point of use water treatment
Development of Cryogels_compressed

Research enquiries: Professor Hu Xiao (Programme Director) [email protected]

Lab safety enquires: Dr Tejasri Gopi (Lab Manager) [email protected]