The Environmental Chemistry and Materials Centre (ECMC), established in 2016, has expanded its activities to focus on fundamental and applied research in chemistry, chemical technologies and materials science for Environment and Water Technology (EWT). The core activities include industrial waste water treatment, advanced oxidation, sorption, value-creating green products and processes, air and water quality management, and advanced environmental analysis. ECMC leads research, innovation and industrial applications pertaining to these core activities.  
Its R.E.D efforts are focused around these 3 key areas: 

Water Technology 
  • Industrial waste water treatment 
  • Innovative advanced oxidation processes 
  • Rapid drinking water disinfection 
  • ZLD technology
Environmental Chemistry 
  • Environmental catalysis and catalytic processes 
  • Environmental monitoring and toxicity analysis 
  • Smart reusable sorbents 
  • Green and sustainable nanotechnology 
Environmental Materials Science 
  • Functional materials derived from biomasses and incineration ash 
  • Green chemicals and materials from renewable resources 
  • New materials for non-conventional filtration and separation
  • Plastic waste and microplastics ​

ECMC areas of research

Physical and chemical materials for environmental treatment applications. 

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

  • Photocatalysis
  • Ozonation
  • Hybrid Combinations


  • Novel materials for disinfection,
  • lower energy
  • recyclable


  • Hydrogel
  • Activated Carbon

Resource recovery

  • Valuable metal recovery from waste streams

Chemical technologies for industrial wastewater - advanced oxidation process

1.ECMCposter_Chem Tech for Ind wastewater_compressed

Development of novel superabsorbent cryogels for point of use water treatment

2.ECMC poster_Development of Cryogels_compressed

EPMC research enquiries: Professor Hu Xiao (Director) asxhu@ntu.edu.sg / (65) 6593 8126

EPMC lab safety enquires: Mr Liang Yen Nan (Lab Manager) ynliang@ntu.edu.sg / (65) 6592 7793