NEWRI Technology Development (NEWRITech)

NEWRITech (working together with NTUitive*) is to identify the markets for technologies for the water and environmental domains, thereby narrowing the gap between industry needs and NEWRI’s technology capabilities.

Other than commercializing the existing IPs, NEWRITech’s primary objective is to gain a strong foothold in the market by providing applicable solutions with engineering know-how, which the most direct method is to collaborate with industry partners. This partnership does not stop once the IP is established, NEWRITech would continue to monetize further, either within NEWRI and/or its spin-off companies, as well as continuous flow of R&D activities.

**Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd (“NTUitive” in short) is the University’s innovation and enterprise company. NTUitive supports the University’s mission to develop an innovative ecosystem to encourage innovation, foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the commercialisation of research.

Commercialisation and collaborations

​​NEWRITech effectively plans (from integrating R&D technology strategies into business strategies to action/execution to exit), collaborates with industry players, as well as government agencies, through leveraging on research innovations to deploy solutions to market generating social and economic benefits. Such as, creation of new companies in the form of start-up and spin-off enterprises.

We are also open to exploring novel approaches to licensing, including reciprocal arrangements, joint venture formation and industry collaboration at the R&D stage.

Value Creation Framework

Developing IP and Licensing

​NEWRITech seeks industry relevance in our laboratory inventions and engages industry partners for technology development / commercialization through licensing and spinoff companies.

NEWRI is a provider of expertise such as technology test-bedding, IP commercialisation, applications development, environmental specialist consultancy, process modelling/simulation, and feasibility/treatability studies. 

NEWRI Spinoffs

In NEWRI’s efforts to connect research with innovation and enterprise, we identify markets, scout for avenues of penetration/ connection, and explore commercialisation opportunities via the typical ‘IPs to Markets’.

As such, NEWRI has several spinoffs that pave the way for realization of commercialisation opportunities, covering the spectrum of our domains.
Aquaporin Asia
Aquaporin Asia Pte Ltd
De.mem Pte Ltd
Membrane Instruments and Technology Pte Ltd 
Water Optics Technology
Water Optics Technology Pte Ltd
Hydrovision Asia
HydroVision Asia Pte Ltd 
NE4Technology Pte Ltd
Aromatec Pte Ltd
Waterply Pte Ltd

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Dr Adil Dhalla
Chief Operating Officer