Bridging Research Technology and Industry

NEWRI’s collaborations with national agencies and industrial partners are focused on creating national and global sustainability solutions. It has attracted investment and growth to build and expand R&D portfolios. NEWRI leverages on our research capabilities and expertise through bilateral innovation and diversification to address national environmental and sustainability challenges. With key initiatives and partnerships, we are able to transition from research to pilot scale to full scale endeavors narrowing the gap between industry needs.  

We collaborate with industry and government agencies, integrating R&D technology strategies into business strategies to action/execution to exit,  leveraging on research innovations to deploy resilient solutions that yield long lasting sustainable outcomes.  

NEWRI has attracted investment and growth of leading global technology multi-national companies, to build and expand their R&D portfolio. Working together with NTUitive* (Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd)  (“NTUitive” in short) is NTU's innovation and enterprise company), the formation of various start-ups and spinoff enterprises are testament to our journey in exploring  novel approaches to licensing, including reciprocal arrangements, joint venture formation and industrial collaboration. 


NEWRI supports commercialisation of its research outputs and encourage the application of its inventions by providing consultancy, collaborative research, spin off and startup companies. Intellectual property (IP) generated by the researchers and scientists in NEWRI is managed by NTUitive Pte Ltd (NTUitive) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Contact us:

Dr Adil Dhalla
Chief Operating Officer