Research Focus

Guided by the principles of integrating fundamental applied research, with robust translative engineering, to uncover innovative and integrated solutions for modern water and environmental challenges. NEWRI’s research is ranked among top global organizations in environment & water technology.  Our focused capabilities can be outlined by our core research in these domains; Membrane Technology, Biotechnology & Bioprocesses, Resource Recovery, Environmental Chemistry and Materials, and Modelling & AI Machine Learning. 

NEWRI domains

NEWRI's research domains

At the foundation, our fundamental scientific research provides the basis for our innovations. NEWRI’s deep research in the 5 domains are integrative and innovative in their respective fields, advancing our cutting edge research to answer national needs and devise practical solutions, such as water safety and desalination, used wastewater and water treatment, food waste management and food safety, MSW management and resource recovery, as well as climate sustainability and change.