Research Focus

NEWRI develops technology and engineering solutions based on transdisciplinary and in-depth scientific know-how, and application experiences. Guided by our Research-Engineering-Deployment (R.E.D) philosophy, NEWRI derisks its IPs and technologies to better meet the needs of industry and national interest. 

NEWRI is recognised by Lux Report 2013 among the top 9 research organisations in the environment & water domain globally. With our 400-strong scientific research and engineering manpower, led by globally ranked thought leaders in the domain, NEWRI has built a strong foundation of innovative research.​​​​​

NEWRI domains

NEWRI's research domains

At the foundation, our fundamental scientific research provides the basis for our innovations. NEWRI’s deep research encompasses 5 domains – Modelling & AI, Membrane Technology, Waste Management & Resource Recovery, Biotechnologies & Bioprocesses, and Environmental Chemistry & Material Science; all of which have spawned our Centres of Excellence in their respective fields advancing our innovative cutting edge research, answering national needs and devising practical solutions such as desalination, used water treatment, food waste management, MSW management and climate change.