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Singapore is a world leader in the development of innovative separation technologies, especially in the area of Water, where it is recognised as a global Hydrohub. Several novel technologies have been developed by our research institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning. Our next step is to accelerate the translation of these technologies into unique, commercially viable products. 

One of the challenges for commercialisation of IP-protected novel technologies, is the translation and bridging the gap between laboratory processes, results and testing, and full-scale final product.

This comprises several key challenges, including scaling up component materials and equipment, system level thinking, and testing at pilot scale in an actual application setting.

NEWRI‘s ART (Applied Research and Translation) leads and facilitates the bridging process in three domains:  Waste Water Applied Research Translation (WW-ART),  Waste–to-Energy Applied Research Translation (WtE-ART) and through Separation Technologies Applied Research Translation (START), a national entity,  funded separately  by EDB and supported through  NTUitive, NTU’s  innovation and enterprise company,  to develop and commercialise innovative separation and filtration technologies across Singapore. It is associated with NEWRI and has taken up some of NEWRI membrane IPs for higher scale development.​​

START's Approach and Activities

  • Collaboration with world-class Research Institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore and globally
  • Concerted efforts to forge symbiotic relationships with local and international Industry partners to develop technology translation platforms
  • Design, build, and operate pilot-scale processes to validate lab-scale technologies in a real-world scenario
  • Translate promising research innovations into commercially viable, next generation products
  • Chemical Formulations/Membrane Production
  • Membrane Post-Treatment/Modification
  • Element/Module Fabrication
  • Membrane QC/Autopsy
  • Engineering Design, Fabrication and Pilot Testing of Systems
  • Business Development

START's Technology Focus Areas​

Membrane Technologies
  • Microfiltration (Polymeric and ceramic membranes)
  • Ultrafiltration (Hollow fibre and flat sheet)
  • Reverse osmosis (Hollow fibre and flat sheet)
  • Forward osmosis (Hollow fibre and flat sheet)
  • Ion exchange membranes
Membrane Processes
  • Design of systems
  • Integration and pilot validation of novel membrane systems and processes
  • Novel chemicals (CIP, Pre-treatment, etc)
  • Process monitoring sensors
  • Analytical sensors
  • Membrane integrity monitors​