IP Showcase 

Method for carbon dioxide capture and energy recovery enhancement
A novel alginate-PAC-QQ bio-bead for biofouling control in MBR
A method for in-situ thermal-alkaline sludge treatment to enhance anaerobic solids degradation and biogas generation
ECMC inside1a
Method of using dual responsive polymers as draw solutes for forward osmosis dewatering
Integrated reverse osmosis module (iRO) for small scale desalination
Sandwich vibratory-stirring membrane module system for submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactors 
Nature gives best solution for desalination: aquaporin-based hollow fibre composite membrane with superior performance
Fabrication of forward osmosis composite hollow fibre membranes
fabricatoin of 2 inch nanofiltration hollow fibre membrane for low-pressure water softening 
Robust membranes for osmotic power harvesting in pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) 
R3C 1
A process for simultaneous removal of unsaturated hydrocarbons and hydrogen chloride from pyrolysis gas
R3C 2
Synthesis of nanostructured zinc oxide and application in warm fuel gas desulfurization
R3C 3
Nanocomposites from plastic pyrolysis gas for electrochemical applications
R3C 4
Real-time monitoring and process control for gasification of municipal solid waste