Published on 01 Feb 2023

Breaking New Ground Ep 7

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Breaking New Ground Episode 7: Assistant Professor Shruti Bhatt

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Synopsis: In this episode, we interviewed Assistant Professor Shruti Bhatt from Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore. She has been selected as a new member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Global Investigator Network. She was among eight group leaders selected this year.

Professor Bhatt spoke at the Frontiers of Cancer Science 2022 conference where she gave a lecture about targeting leukaemia relapses using mitochondrial priming.


Highlights of conversation:


00:43 Let's start by talking about your current research focus.

04:41 Is the relapse more aggressive and accelerated?

05:24 When did your interest in this particular area start? 

12:37 Knowing that sometimes it can be quite a long road, what advice would you give to young researchers starting out?

17:56 What do you have to do to refresh or reboot your mind?