Published on 23 Mar 2023

Breaking New Ground Ep 10

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Breaking New Ground Episode 10: Professor  Reshma Taneja

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Women in Science @ LKCMedicine Podcast

Professor Reshma Taneja: Breaking New Ground Ep 10

Host: Anne Loh


Synopsis: In this episode, we interviewed Professor Reshma Taneja, Professor, and Head of Department of Physiology at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

Professor Taneja joined us at LKCMedicine for the Frontiers of Cancer Science 2022 conference. In 2021, she was awarded Venus International Women’s Award (Distinguished Woman Researcher).


Highlights of conversation:


00:41 How did you get started in science? 

02:17 Is it great to be a woman in science? 

03:21 Were there any misconceptions about women being in science when they first start out?

04:27 Do you think there should be more women in science?

05:16 What's your current area of interest?

06:08 Is there anything you can share about illuminations so far? 

07:01 What is driving this passion?

07:55 What would you say to your younger self when she was struggling to get a headstart now that you know what it was going to be like? 

09:15 Is this what you would say to your younger team members when they hit a wall? 

10:54 Do you feel hopeful about the future?

11:54 What do you do to refresh yourself?