Published on 23 Jun 2024

LKCMedicine's inaugural MedCamp inspires future doctors

LKCMedicine successfully hosted its first-ever school camp designed for pre-university students aspiring to enter or consider the medical profession. The two-day MedCamp held at the School’s Novena Campus from last Friday aimed to ignite passion for medicine and provide an immersive experience of the life of a medical student at LKCMedicine. A total of 75 pre-university students from 21 schools across Singapore took part, nominated by their respective institutions. By the end of Day 2, there were happy, glowing faces all around – delighted to have had the chance to experience the exciting student life at this young medical school.

MedCamp Day 1


MedCamp Assemble!

The day kicked off with campers registering and collecting their goodie bags before indulging in exciting ice-breaker games. They were placed in groups of 6 – 7 named after famous planets upon registration, following the Team-based Learning (TBL) format of student groupings at LKCMedicine. These groups consisted of a mix of students from different schools which gave them the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers and make new friends! 

LKCMedicine MedSoc President Lim Rong gave a warm welcome to the campers, while student volunteers from the School namely Eugene Chua, Gavril Koh Wei Ping and Soon Wei Ze served as guides at various stations, ensuring campers had a memorable experience.

After a quick overview on MedCamp 2024 by the chief camp marshal, campers were formally welcomed by LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Education, Professor Jennifer Cleland. She elaborated on LKCMedicine’s award-winning MBBS programme, highlighting how it was recently enhanced to better address the needs and priorities of the evolving healthcare landscape in Singapore.

The School has a programme that is future-focused for Singapore, with a strong global outlook, said Prof Cleland. “We provide extensive opportunities for our students to gain international exposure through the School's innovative curriculum. Our students have visited various countries including New Zealand, India, Nepal, Malta, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and the UK. This international experience is designed to complement the comprehensive education provided at LKCMedicine, preparing our students to become globally-minded medical professionals​. Overall, we emphasise the importance of a well-rounded medical education that prepares students to be future-ready doctors.”

Off To MedQuests!

It was then time for the campers to embark on their MedQuests: carefully designed segments giving attendees a taste of how lessons are conducted at LKCMedicine.  Campers were first taken to the state-of-the-art Anatomy Learning Centre (ALC).

MedQuest 1: Introduction to Anatomy

At the ALC, they were taught the function and clinical or surgical significance of anatomy for better training of future doctors, where medical students study core concepts via novel multi-modal tools from a multi-disciplinary team of instructors comprising anatomists, surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists. The campers were given the opportunity to experience virtual dissection of the human body using the Anatomage table, as well as study the novel plastinated specimens, 3D printed organs and 3D modelling through Augmented Reality visualisation.

MedQuest 2: Team-Based Learning

Next, the young campers were led to our bespoke Learning Studio, where a TBL demonstration was conducted for them to get a deeper understanding of the innovative teaching method. They appreciated the interactive session, noting especially the large studio space, designed for students to engage in active and collaborative learning with their peers and faculty. Lunch followed right after during which students also had the opportunity to approach booths manned by the School’s Admissions team on what it takes to apply for and enrol at LKCMedicine.

MedQuest 3: Lab Immersion

MedQuest 3 was all about the science of medicine. For this, the campers were ushered to various labs at the Clinical Sciences Building to observe transformative research that LKCMedicine students have access to.  Over at Associate Professor Yusuf Ali’s lab which focuses on pancreatic islet health and gut microbiome research in type 2 diabetes and cancer, participants were introduced to the gut microbiome's role in health and disease. 

In the visit to Nanyang Assistant Professor Christine Wong’s lab which works on NETosis biology in metabolic disease, campers learned about a cell death process in which neutrophils release their DNA and cellular contents, forming the highly pro-inflammatory neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs). 

At the Dementia Research Centre (Singapore) led by Associate Professor Nagaendran Kandiah, campers engaged in hands-on retinal imagining, mini MRI workshop, and functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) amongst other activities. DRCS seeks to detect diseases that cause dementia, and develop strategies that could potentially prevent and delay dementia. 

Campers also visited the HELIOS-SG100K Centre led by Professor John Chambers to understand the behavioural, social, environmental and molecular factors that influence health and disease. At the centre, Assistant Professor Lee Eng Sing explained the need for large-scale, population-based studies in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia, before giving the campers the rare chance of observing how health data is collected to be understood and then translated into effective population and community-based approaches that promote wellbeing.

Campers who toured Nanyang Assistant Professor Xia Yun’s lab were shown her team’s groundbreaking work in generating kidney organoids (also known as mini-kidneys in a dish) from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). These mini-kidneys represent a physiologically relevant model of the human kidney, offering unprecedented opportunities to study pathophysiology that is unique to the human kidney.

Ask Me Anything!

MedCamp Day 1 ended on a high, with Dean Professor Joseph Sung hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything!’ session. The atmosphere was abuzz with a mix of curiosity and excitement. Students asked a variety of questions, ranging from the challenges of being a doctor to career advice. Prof Sung responded thoughtfully, providing clarity and encouragement, while also injecting humour when sharing his personal experiences.

MedCamp Day 2

MedCamp Assemble!

Day 2 of MedCamp started with more team-building games to perk up the participants’ Saturday morning. LKCMedicine students Gerald Phang, Shannon Ang, Emily Tan and Tammy Wong were on hand to play their ambassador role. 

MedQuest 4: Get the Heart Beating – Clinical Procedures Workshop

At this workshop, campers learned about lab safety protocols and familiarised themselves with medical equipment and supplies, while also exploring effective training tools. The session was led by Madam Ramani Saravanan, Senior Assistant Director and Lead for Practical Skills and Clinical Procedures.

MedQuest 5: Future Healthcare – A Digital Learning Workshop

This Digital Learning Workshop was kicked off by Assistant Professor Bernett Lee, Director of the Centre for Biomedical Informatics at LKCMedicine, who gave a talk on digital health and artificial intelligence (AI) integration in medicine.

Campers then were tasked to design personalised digital avatars, generate AI images in medicine, practise prescribing medicine with digital e-prescription tools, and challenge their balance in an immersive AR/VR ‘Walk the Plank’ activity! 

Why Medicine?

Before breaking for a scrumptious lunch, campers were hosted to a fireside chat with LKCMedicine alumnus Dr Aaron Goh, currently a Medical Officer in Ophthalmology. Dr Goh shared valuable insights into his personal journey and motivations for pursuing a career in medicine, offering a deep understanding of the dedication and passion required in the field. Campers seized the opportunity to also ask him career-related questions.

The Ultimate MedChallenge!

A part of being a doctor entails quick thinking and working well as a team. These skills were put to a test during the MedChallenge where campers engaged in an exciting game while exploring the Novena Campus. Each team was handed a map to navigate through a series of clues scattered across the campus’ landmarks and features to answer a series of challenging questions on LKCMedicine and the world of medicine.

The fastest three teams with the highest number of correct answers were awarded attractive prizes!

The Learning Journey!

For the final segment of MedCamp 2024, campers had to reflect upon what they had observed and learned throughout the two days. Each team flexed their creative muscles by presenting their observations and takeaways either in the form of a skit, song, dance, recital or drawing.

Judges awarded points on their presentations based on creativity, content and expression!

As the camp concluded, participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the experience. Many noted that the camp not only solidified their interest in pursuing medicine but also provided them with a clearer understanding of the challenges and rewards associated with the profession. The hands-on experience and interactions with faculty, staff and students clearly left a deep impression!

Winners of MedCamp 2024!

Individual Winners:

Rizz KingHtoo Thaw Lin, Tampines-Meridien Junior College
Rizz QueenRoshini Dhilipkumar, Nanyang Polytechnic
Hype MasterYap Su Hui Anastasia, Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Squad StarChng Rui Ting, Republic Polytechnic
Most Valuable Player (MVP)Mohammad Edel Mahbub Harahap, Victoria Junior College


Learning Journey Winners:

1st place: Team Eris
2nd place: Team Saturn
3rd place: Team Mars

Ultimate MedChallenge Winners:

1st place: Team Makemake
2nd place: Team Neptune
3rd place: Team Saturn

My MedCamp 2024 experience…

“I have been wanting to pursue medicine, but I did not know that a lot of research is also conducted in a medical school. The overall experience has been great.”

– Nethaniah Doctor Piamonte, Nanyang Polytechnic

“I was chosen by my biology tutor to attend this medcamp. I have a strong passion for medicine, so I was eager to find out more on how LKCMedicine teaches medicine since it is a newer school. After the medcamp, I believe LKCMedicine’s pedagogy will suit my preferred way of learning.”

– Tan Kah Yong Gideon, Hwa Chong Institution

“I am in between nursing and medical school. LKCMedicine comes across as an advanced medical school to me, given its pedagogy and team-based learning, as well as its facilities and learning tools.”

– Raudhah Binte Abdul Rahim, Nanyang Polytechnic

“LKCMedicine is a very special school because it offers a unique learning experience, different from other medical schools. I am very interested in medicine… LKCMedicine stands out to me because of its team-based learning as I love interacting with people. That is a very essential skill needed for doctors.”

– Muhammad Edel Mahbub Harahap, Victoria Junior College

“The best part of the medcamp was the clinical procedure where I managed to learn valuable life-saving skills like CPR. I will definitely apply to LKCMedicine in the near future!”

– Gareth Sum Jun Rong, Anglo Chinese Junior College

“The medcamp has first-hand exposed me to multiple experiences that have definitely increased my confidence to pursue medicine in the future. I feel this camp provides future attendees the opportunity as well to find out exactly which career suits them and the qualities one needs to possess before entering the field of medicine. For me, LKCMedicine has risen up the ranks over other medical schools.”

– Shiven Punjabi Rajesh, ACS-I


Looking Ahead…

LKCMedicine's inaugural medcamp for potential medical students is part of the School's broader commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders. By offering such immersive experiences, LKCMedicine aims to inspire young minds and equip them with the confidence to pursue the ever evolving field of medicine.

On that note, here’s a reflective poem penned by one of the winning teams, Saturn:


In a galaxy not so far away,

We embarked on a journey, two-day away,

Amongst the stars, in space-themed dreams,

Where knowledge flowed in vibrant streams.


We delved into the human frame,

Anatomy unveiled, no two parts the same,

Bones and muscles, heartbeats so grand,

We traced the blueprints, by skilful hands.


A research lab, our next grand quest,

Machines and data, the very best,

In sterile rooms where science blooms,

Innovations blossomed, dispelling glooms.


Digital threads in medicine’s weave,

Tech and care, together they cleave,

From screens to scanners, pixels to cure,

We saw how progress can ensure.


Through campus grounds, a hunt ensued,

With clues and maps, our minds renewed,

In every corner, secrets to find,

A treasure hunt, both fun and kind.


Teamwork thrived, in every task,

Together we wore the problem-solving mask,

Side by side, we conquered each stride,

With unity and pride, our spirits tied.


Inspirational talks, so deep and bright,

Wisdom shared in the softest light,

Stories of hope, of dreams come true,

Each word a spark, igniting the new.


Hands pressed firm on a mannequin’s chest,

We learned to give the breath of life, no rest,

CPR, a dance of life and death,

A rhythm that ensures another breath.


In space-themed camp, under cosmic dome,

We found a second family, a newfound home,

With stars above and hearts aligned,

We left with dreams and future defined.