Office of Medical Education

Office of Medical Education
Prof Jennifer CLELAND​Vice-Dean, Education
Professor of Medical Education Research
Director of Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
​​[email protected]
Prof PANG Weng Sun ​Vice-Dean, Clinical Affairs
Longitudinal Course Lead (Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership and Patient Safety)
[email protected]
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Assistant Deans
Dr Lucy WILDING​Assistant Dean, Years 1 & 2
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
[email protected]
Assoc Prof KOH Nien YueAssistant Dean, Year 3
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof WONG Wei Chin​Assistant Dean, Year 4
[email protected]

Prof THAM Kum Ying 

Assistant Dean, Year 5

[email protected]

Prof KWEK Tong Kiat ​

​Assistant Dean, Admissions and Overseas Electives 
Clinical Module Lead (Cardiorespiratory System)
[email protected]
Assoc Prof PHUA Dong HaurAssistant Dean, Assessment[email protected]
​Assoc Prof TANG Wern EeAssistant Dean, Family Medicine
Clinical Module Lead (Family Medicine and Community Health)
Lead for Clinical Examinations (OSCE - Year 2)
Longitudinal Course Lead (Foundations of Clinical Practice)
Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Family Medicine)
[email protected]
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​Assoc Prof CHIA Li-Ann FaithAssistant Dean, Curriculum Lead[email protected]
​​Dr Dorai Raj APPADORAI
Deputy Assistant Dean, Year 3
Senior Lecturer 
Principal Lead (Medicine - Year 3)
SBA Lead (Medicine - Year 3)
Prof Simon KITTOAssistant Dean, Humanities[email protected]
Dr Tanya TIERNEY ​Assistant Dean, Clinical Communication[email protected]
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Mr Emmanuel TAN​Assistant Dean, Student Wellbeing
Lecturer, Medical Education​
[email protected]
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Education Management
Ms Ruth CHOE​Director[email protected]
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​Ms Tricia TAN​Senior Assistant Director, Curriculum[email protected]
6592 7914
Ms Jowe CHU​Senior Assistant Director, Admissions and Assessments
[email protected]
6592 3861
Mr Ben TANSenior Assistant Director, Governance and Quality Assurance
​Ms Edna NG​Assistant Director, Student Progress[email protected]
6592 3862
Ms Ivis WEE
​Assistant Director, Student Life & Support[email protected]
6592 3814
Ms Margaret YAPManager, Course Evaluation[email protected]
6592 3937
Digital Learning
Dr NG Kian Bee​Head[email protected]
Appointment Holders
Assoc Prof Yusuf ALI​Associate Professor of Metabolic ​Disease
Longitudinal Course Lead, MBBS Curriculum, Scientist Course
Lead, Innovations in Medicine​
[email protected]
Dr TEO Hui Lin​Principal Lead (Medical Oncology)
​Assoc Prof 
Madelynn CHAN
Principal Lead (Rheumatology)[email protected]
Assoc Prof CHUA Sze HonClinical Module Lead (Skin)
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Michelle JONG​​Principal Lead (Endocrinology)[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Angeline LAI​Clinical Module Lead (Child Development and Health)
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof LEE Hwei Yee ​Longitudinal Course Lead (Pathology)[email protected]
​​Assoc Prof Albert LIM​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Respiratory Medicine)
Principal Lead (Respiratory Medicine)
[email protected]
Dr NG Yunn Cheng​Principal Lead (Gastroenterology)
​Assoc Prof ONG Kiat Hoe​Clinical Module Lead (Blood and Lymphatic System)
Principal Lead (Haematology)
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof ONG Say How​Clinical Module Lead (Mental Health)
Principal Lead (Psychiatry)
​​[email protected]
​Assoc Prof SEE Jee Jian​​​Principal Lead (Anaesthesia)[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Gerald TANLongitudinal Course Lead (Radiology)​​​[email protected]
​Assoc Prof TAN Teng Hong​Principal Lead (Paediatrics)[email protected]
Assoc Prof Gervais WANSAICHEONGAssistant Longitudinal Course Lead (PELLS: Quality and Patient Safety)
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof WONG Lee Yuen​Clinical Lead (Year 5 Electives (1))[email protected]
Assoc Prof WONG Teck YeeLongitudinal Course Lead (Early Patient Contact)
Lead for Continuing and Community Care
[email protected]
​Assoc Prof Fabian YAP​Principal Lead (Paediatrics)
[email protected]
​Asst Prof Ieera Madan AGGARWAL​Clinical Module Lead (Female Reproductive System)[email protected]
​Asst Prof Lester CHAN​Clinical Module Lead (Musculoskeletal System)​​​[email protected]
​Dr TAN Sze Ern​​Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Orthopaedic Surgery)​ 
​Dr CHEW Mei FangPrincipal Lead (Critical Care Medicine)
​Asst Prof Bhanu GUPTA​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Mental Health)[email protected]
Dr OON Hwee Boon HazelPrincipal Lead (Dermatology) 
​​Asst Prof 
Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Female Reproductive System)
Principal Lead (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)
[email protected]
​Asst Prof Richard LEEPrincipal Lead (Family Medicine)​
SBA Lead - Year 4 
​​[email protected]
Asst Prof LIM Wei-YenLongitudinal Course Lead (Public Health and Epidemiology)[email protected]
​Dr LIANG Fueng Hin Raymond​Clinical Module Lead (Gastrointestinal System) 
Asst Prof ​Bairy MANOHAR Giliyar​Clinical Module Lead (Renal and Urinary System)
Principal Lead (Renal Medicine) 
[email protected]
Asst Prof Reddy MOGALI​Head of Anatomy[email protected]
​Asst Prof NEO Han YeeAssistant Longitudinal Course Lead (Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership and Patient Safety)[email protected]
​Asst Prof Ashutosh PRAKASH​Assistant Longitudinal Course Lead (Radiology)[email protected]
​Asst Prof Endean TANPrincipal Lead (Medicine - Year 5)
SBA Lead (Medicine - Year 5)
[email protected]
​Asst Prof Sheila SRINIVASANClinical Module Lead (Nervous System)
​​[email protected]
Dr SU JunClinical Course Lead (Enhanced Campus-based Learning)
Dr TAN Yen PinClinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years) 
​Dr AUNG Myint Oo @ Ye Jian Guo​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Gastrointestinal System) 
Dr CHOW MinyangAssistant Principal Lead (Medicine - Year 3) 
Dr CHIA Siew Chin
​Principal Lead (Palliative Medicine)[email protected]
Dr CHONG Chin Ted​Longitudinal Course Lead (Pharmacology)[email protected]
​Dr CHOONG Caroline Victoria​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years)
​Dr Paul LOCK Shern Xin​Principal Lead (Otorhinolaryngology)
Clinical Module Lead (Ear, Nose and Throat)
​​Dr GOH Mui Heng​SBA Lead (Surgery - Year 3)
Dr MAK Han Wen MalcolmSBA Lead (Surgery - Year 5) 
​Dr HUANG Wenhui​Assistant Clinical Lead (Year 5 (Electives 2)) 
Dr Jegathesan THIRUCHELVAM​Principal Lead (Urology) 
Dr T JEGATHESANAssistant Clinical Module Lead (Musculoskeletal System) 
​​Dr SIEW Ching Hsia Caroline​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years)
​Dr KOH Ai Ling ​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Child Development and Health)[email protected]
​​Dr LEE Hsien Xiong RaphaelClinical Course Lead for OSCE (Year 5 - Overall)
​​Dr LIM Wen Phei​Assistant Principal Lead (Psychiatry)
​Dr MOK Kwang How​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Cardiology)
Principal Lead (Cardiology)
Dr Shermyn NEO Xiumin​Principal Lead (Neurology)
Dr QUEK Peng Lim TimothyClinical Module Lead (Endocrine System) 
Dr QUEK Yong Jing DanielPrincipal Lead (Emergency Medicine) 
​Dr Mucheli Sharavan SADASIV​Clinical Module Lead (Infection)
Principal Lead (Infectious Diseases)
[email protected]
​Dr TAI Yinxia​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years)
​​Dr TAN Wei Ping Joanne​​Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Medicine)
​Dr TAN Shu Yun​Assistant Longitudinal Course Lead (Foundations of Clinical Practice: Lead for Clinical Methods)[email protected]
Dr TAN Teong Jin LesterPrincipal Lead (Orthopaedic Surgery - Year 3 and Year 5)[email protected]
Dr Saleem Ahmed Abdul KAREEM Principal Lead (Surgery - Year 5)[email protected]
Dr TEO Zhe Hao TimothyPrincipal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - General Surgery) 
Dr HUANG WenhuiAssistant Clinical Lead (Year 5 Electives (2)) 
​Dr Valerie TEO​Assistant Lead for Clinical Examinations (OSCE - Year 2)​​[email protected]
Dr WONG Chin JungPrincipal Lead (Rehabilitation Medicine) 
Dr YANG Peilin FrancineClinical Module Lead (Visual System)
Principal Lead (Ophthalmology)
Dr YAP Kwee Yong JoyceClinical Module Lead (Ageing)
Principal Lead (Geriatric Medicine)
Ms Ramani SARAVANANSenior Assistant Director
Lead (Clinical Procedures)
[email protected]
6592 3090