Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore

The Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore (REIDS) is a Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) platform dedicated to designing, demonstrating, and testing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions for Southeast Asia.

Paving the way towards sustainable multi-activity off-grid communities, REIDS fosters systemic research and development in the broad energy arena in support of Singapore corporate and public stakeholders, thereby strengthening their position on the rapidly growing renewable energy and microgrids markets. REIDS Low Voltage Microgrid Cluster (LVMGC) testbed on Semakau Landfill is a living lab for industries, researchers and government agencies to explore next-generation distribution grid solutions and to solve engineering, economic, environmental and societal energy transition challenges for off-grid and urban communities.

Bolstering flexible reconfiguration capabilities, REIDS platform offers grid of grids test scenarios such as dynamic system optimization, smart grid clusters network management, energy trading, interoperability & cybersecurity which are instrumental to explore pre-competitive RD&D opportunities in energy sector.

For further information and collaboration opportunities, please contact Mr Prasanna I V at [email protected]