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Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory for Advanced Robotics is developing the key technologies for next-generation Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for urban building intralogistics applications.

The key technologies include gripping and manipulation technology for material handling and sensing, situation awareness, and real-time decision-making technology for material transportation in a highly dynamic environment.

We aim to utilise next-generation AMR to overcome the growing labour shortage in Singapore and facilitate the training of local talent in robotic technologies, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the nation's workforce.

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Enhancing Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) is the primary objective of the Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics. Our research focuses on the three key areas shown below. 

By expanding AMRs' capabilities, we aim to enable them to perform complex tasks effectively in real-world applications.



The Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory for Advanced Robotics envisions potential opportunities to develop collaborative robotic systems as businesses transit into Industry 5.0, and as the world is facing manpower shortage. The system includes human-touch inspired robots that can pick up a range of materials, and combine with technologies such as 3D sensors, situation awareness and real-time decision making, which enable autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to operate in a dynamic environment with human traffic.

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