Fees & Scholarships

Fee Payment in Summary (AY2023)

Fees (in SGD)
DescriptionSingaporean / PRInternational
Application Fee$21.40$21.40
Deposit Fee - Upon Acceptance
Deposit fee can be used to offset the first tuition fee payment
Deposit fee can be used to offset the first tuition fee payment
Tuition Fee$28,971.96$33,644.86
GST (as per prevailing rate)$2,317.76$2,691.59
Miscellaneous FeePlease access the link here for miscellaneous fee payable.
Payment ScheduleStudents will be billed per trimester throughout the first year of study (i.e. Full payment to be completed in three trimesters).

- University reserves the right to revise its fees every academic year without notice.
- Students are advised to check back for the latest fee details.
- All fees listed are in Singapore dollars (S$).

Application Fee
Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of S$21.40.

Deposit Fee

A S$5,000 non-refundable fee deposit is required upon the acceptance of the offer. This deposit fee can be used to offset the first tuition fee payment.  

Tuition Fee
The tuition fee for the programme is S$31,289.72 for Singaporean and Singaporean PR students, and S$36,336.45 for foreign students. Students will have to bear additional University-level miscellaneous fees.

Miscellaneous Fee
The miscellaneous fee is for both local and international applicants.

Withdrawal of Candidature & Refund Policy

Withdrawal of CandidatureRequest for withdrawal from a programme of study must be submitted to the School formally in writing.
Refund Policy

Request for refund must be made in writing and subjected to approval.

In the event that a student wishes to withdraw from the programme, the application fee and deposit fee are non-refundable.

Students who withdraw from the programme within 2 weeks after course commencement shall not be
liable for the payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Students who withdraw 2 or more weeks after course commencement shall be liable for tuition and
miscellaneous fees due for the entire term.

SkillsFuture Credit can be utilised for this programme.
Please refer to 
https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/credit for more details.


The SkillsFuture Fellowships are for Singapore Citizens with at least 10 years of working experience in the same, or related, industries or job functions. The award is worth S$10,000 and further details, eligibility, terms and conditions are available in the following link: https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/fellowships


For successful applicants, the scholarship will be used to pay the tuition fee for the duration of the programme.

Applicants would be shortlisted and recommended through NTU. Please indicate your interest when you apply online to our programme under ‘Pursue Reasons’ and highlight it to us during the application interview. No separate application is needed to be submitted to Ngee Ann Kongsi.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Ngee Ann Kongsi for an interview. Kindly note that decision is made by Ngee Ann Kongsi and is final.

For more details, please refer to Ngee Ann Kongsi Post-Graduate Scholarships in Social Sciences.


This merit-based scholarship comes in the form of a partial tuition fee waiver and is available through the School of Social Sciences. The eligibility criteria are listed below. Please indicate your interest when you apply online to our programme under ‘Pursue Reasons’ and highlight it to us during the application interview. 

  • Good educational qualification
  • Strong leadership qualities and potential
  • At least 3 years of working experience in a relevant field


There are also other scholarships and funding provided by various agencies and entities.


The latest details, eligibility criteria and application procedures for selected scholarships are provided in the table below for reference. Past and current students have also received scholarships from MENDAKI and the Lee Foundation.


Eligible applicants should apply directly to the agencies.


Agency & Contact Details
1. AIC Community Care Manpower Development Award (CCMDA)​ [Details]
Please submit your application through your sponsoring Community Care organisation.
If you have further queries, please contact the CCMDA Secretariat at 6632 1144 or email [email protected]
2. NCSS Leadership Development Programme for Social Service Professionals (LDP)
3. NCSS Professional Development and Management Programme (PDMP)

All applications must be submitted through the nominating organisation to the following address:

Attn: Ms June Soo (Email: [email protected] / DID: 65895512)
Manager, Social Service Leadership Unit
Human Capital & Organisation Development Group
298 Tiong Bahru Road #18-01 Central Plaza
Singapore 168730