Guide for New Users

Before beginning work at a research laboratory or other workplace at SPMS, new users must complete following procedures.

1. Safety Training and Risk Assessment

Before being granted access to any laboratory facility, you must first do the following:

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  • Complete the Basic Safety Training, Risk Management and Job Specific online training courses
    • For faculty and staff, the courses can be accessed via Workday. Click on "Learning", "Discover", "Browse Topics", then select "Health & Safety" and do a "search" on the courses.
    • For students, the courses can be accessed via NTULearn. Click on the "Courses" tab, followed by "Safety Training Topics".
    • The Basic Safety Training course should cover ​​Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Slip, Trip and Fall (STF), Manual Lifting, and Office Ergonomics.
    • The Risk Management course should consist of two modules, "Risk Management Core" and "Risk Management for Workplace".
    • The Job specific online safety courses are shown in the table below (see SPMS Safety Training Matrix). Complete the courses relevant for your work.
    • After passing each required module, take a screenshot. Email your screenshots to [email protected].
    Handle or work with biological agentsHandle or work with chemicalsOperate high power laser equipmentOperate X-ray machine or handle radioactive materials
    Basic Biosafety Training course modules 1Chemical Safety TrainingNIR training: Working with Non-Ionising RadiationIR training: Working with Ionising Radiation
    Basic Biosafety Training course modules 2
  • Complete your Workplace Risk Assessment. Once you receive approval of the risk assessment, email it to [email protected].
  • Complete and submit the following lab access request forms, depending on where you will be working:
  • Card Access Application (PAP & MAS)


2. Collect your PPE

Check in with your supervisor (RO or PI) on what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you need, and where to collect them. Ask also for any other specific safety requirements that you need to know.

After this, once your lab access request is granted, you are all set to go. Remember to observe the safety rules; if in doubt, ask your supervisor or colleagues. Stay safe and work safe!