Purchased of Controlled Items

Many kinds of chemicals and equipment are regulated by different authorities. These controlled items may require licenses to store or use, and some have a maximum allowable quantity (MAQ) that can be kept in the School. To ensure that the requirements are followed, these chemicals and equipment must be tracked.

If any item you are purchasing via Ariba is a controlled item, please indicate it as such by clicking ‘Yes’ in the Purchase Requisition.

Please refer to the following SOP for purchasing controlled chemicals: SOP on Chemical Purchasing and Inventory Control

List of Controlled Chemicals and Equipment

  1. Petroleum and Flammable Materials / Hazardous Substances / Biological Agents and Toxins / CWCs / EPs under the Regulated Chemical List
    Download the list of regulated chemicals here.​
  2. Flammable Gases/Gas Mixtures
    These include gases such as Hydrogen, Ethylene, Methane and gas mixtures such as 5%H2 + AR balance. (Note: this list is not exhaustive.) Please refer to the Safety Data Sheets for the gases or gas mixtures that you intend to purchase, to determine if they are flammable.
  3. High Power Lasers (Class 3B and above)
    Laser licences are required to manufacture, sell, possess, use, import and export a Class 3b or Class 4 laser apparatus. The person who operates the laser apparatus must apply for a licence to operate the laser.
  4. Ultrasonic Apparatus (e.g. ultrasonic bath or sonicator)
    Licences are required to manufacture, sell, possess, use, import and export an apparatus with power output of 1200 Watts and above. The person operating the ulrasonic apparatus must apply for a licence to operate it.
  5. Metallic Mercury and Merc​ury-Containing Devices
    These include liquid mercury of any kind, either in an instrument (such as a thermometer, manometer or McCloud gauge), a bubbler, or just in a bottle.
  6. Special Cabinets (see below)

Yellow cabinets for storage of flammable solvents

Grey cabinets for storage of chemicals

Acid​​ cabinets for st​orage of corrosive acids

Cabinet with safety apparatus (e.g. gas leak detector, alarm system, and gas clearing device) for safe storage of toxic gases

  1. Pressure Vessels (see below)

Air Receiver / Air Compressor / Steam Receiver

Autoclave (Steam Boiler)

Hoisting/Lifting Equipment/Crane

Hydrothermal Vessel / Metal Pressure Reaction Vessel