About IC4CH

The International Consortium for Communication in Health Care (IC4CH) is an international, interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaborative that unites leading research centres in the field of healthcare communication. IC4CH’s mission is to conduct evidence-based research that will lead to a far greater understanding of the role of communication in a wide range of healthcare contexts.

As leading research centres in the fields of linguistics and healthcare communication, our dual focus is on innovative research to understand the role of communication in a wide range of healthcare contexts, and on translating findings to education and practice to improve patient safety and quality of healthcare practice globally. At the core of our mission is translating cutting-edge research into best practice and training for safe and compassionate health care.  

Our member organisations apply their research findings to improve healthcare practice, from the development of educational resources and professional development modules, to policy innovation and recommendations for organisational change. The six IC4CH member organisations are:

As well as facilitating collaboration between these partner organisations their respective institutions, IC4CH runs symposia and webinars. If you wish to be informed of developments in IC4CH, including upcoming webinars and symposia, subscribe to our mailing list below.

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