Research Facilities

The research focuses on studying the neurological bases for speech and language with studies that incorporate a wide range of methods in cognitive neuroscience, including brain imaging (e.g. fMRI, EEG, DTI, etc.), behavioural experimentations as well as computational and statistical modelling. 

The research conducted in this lab focuses on the interplay between language and cognition in the brain.

The NTU CL Lab aims to develop precise,linguistically-motivated, computationally-tractablerepresentations of natural language. Currently our work focuses on integrating lexical semantic representationsusing wordnets with structuralsemantic relations fromthe HPSG framework. Although interested in all languages, we mainly deal with Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, Indonesian and Malay.

The NTU Language Documentation Lab is committed to the description and documentation of understudied and endangered languages across Southeast Asia and extending into South Asia through the collection and analysis of data from native speakers.