Active Projects

Internal Grants

Tier 1

  • Home is where our languages live: Singapore and the role of families in maintaining our multilingual advantage (2019) By Francesco Cavallaro
  • Investigating the pedagogical use of varieties of English in the Singapore Classroom (2019) By Luke Lu
  • The secret life of consonants and vowels: An articulatory phonetic study examining how voice quality setting impacts segmental articulation (2019) By Scott Moisik
  • What makes a successful word learner? An individual differences approach (2018) By Alice Chan
  • Giving Voice to the Minoan People: The Decipherment of Linear A (2018) By Francesco Perono Cacciafoco
  • Linguistic Justice, Nations and Multilingualism: Rethinking Singapore’s Language Policies (2018) By Tan Ying Ying
  • Silent but all ears: The critical role of speech perception and input in 6-24 month bilingual infants (2017) by Ng Bee Chin
  • MICE – A multilingual corpus of Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and English (2017) By Ng Bee Chin
  • Early brain signature to meaning integration during sentence comprehension: An event-related potential study (2017) By Francis Wong
  • Archaeological linguistics and the prehistory of Northeast India: Reconstructing the past through ancient technologies and practices, and correlating the results with migration histories (2016) By Alec Coupe

 COHASS Research Grant Scheme

  •  An Online Open-Source Database for the Dongba Pictographic Writing System (2021) By Francesco Peronoo Cacciafoco 

External Grants

Tier 2

  • Understanding Bilingual Dyslexia: Identifying Subtypes for Targeted Remediation (2021) By Francis Wong
  •  Predicting reading (dis)ability: Advancing early intervention (2020) By Alice Chan
  •  SingSpeak: Automating Speech and Humanizing Machines (2020) By Tan Ying Ying

Social Science Research Thematic Grant

  • Getting Read-y: Optimizing Early Chinese Instruction amidst Language Shift (2021) By Alice Chan

 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

  • Ethnolinguistic contact across the Indo-Myanmar-Southwestern China mountains: Migration routes, intercultural interactions, and linguistic outcomes.
  • (2019) By Alec Coupe with Prof Hideo Sawada, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign studies)

National Heritage Board

  • Polyglot Medical Heritage in Maritime Southeast Asia: Foundational Resources and Digital Tools (2020) By Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

National Medical Research Council / Ministry of Health

  • Audiological rehabilitation for speech perception in noise difficulty (2018) By Francis Wong