TGIF Seminars

The TGIF seminar series was established in March 2015 by Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Programme to give NTU linguists a platform to share their research. It also provides a forum for meaningful discussion of linguistics related topics. The initial target audience was NTU staff and students although this has now been expanded to include colleagues at NIE and NUS because of the interest generated by the earlier talks.

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14 Feb 2020​​
Tell-tale signs of communication problems - A perspective from CAT
By Ng Bee Chin (NTU, LMS)
13 Mar 2020
Exploring the curious relationship between Colloquial Singlish ​​Hor ​and ah
By Lee Jun Wen (NTU, LMS)
27 Mar 2020
Citizen sociolinguists weigh in on municipal soundscapes: The case of Mandarin Chinese station announcements on trains in Singapore
By Mark Seilhamer (NIE, ELL)
24 Apr 2020
​Pyongyang-centri North Korean English Textbooks: "We had a great time"
By Ahn Hyejeong (NTU, LCC)

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1 Mar 2019
by Junwen Lee
22 Mar 2019
by Alexander Coupe
12 Apr 2019
Language in the social networks of university students in Singapore
by Werner Botha

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26 Jan 2018
by Tan Ying Ying
9 Feb 2018
by Stefanie Stadler
23 Mar 2018
by Luca Onnis and Matthew Lou-Magnuson
6 Apr 2018
by Francis Bond
13 Apr 2018
by Ng Bee Chin, and Francesco Cavallaro

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25 Aug 2017
by Scott Moisik
8 Sep 2017
by Hilary Chappell
29 Sep 2017​The 'other' tongue policy: Non-Tamil Indian Languages

by Ritu Jain (Language and Communication Centre)

20 Oct 2017
​Glyph-Breakers at Work: Deciphering Linear A and Minoan*

by Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

*Please note that this seminar talk has been postponed to next semester.

27 Oct 2017
by Anne Pauwels

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20 Jan 2017
3 Feb 2017
By Assoc Professor Rite Elaine Silver (National Institute of Education)
17 Feb 2017
By Francis Wong
10 Mar 2017
By František Kratochvíl
31 Mar 2017
Interactional Linguistics is Linguistics
By KK Luke


15 Jan 2016
​​​​​​​​Why linguistics shouldn't be "the scientific study of language"
By Randy LaPolla
29 Jan 2016
By Luca Onnis
12 Feb 2016
By Ahn Hyejeong (Language and Communication Centre)

19 Feb 2016
11 Mar 2016
By Ruanni Tupas (National Institute of Education)
8 Apr 2016
By Vinod Goel
15 Apr 2016
By John Newman