NEWRI publications 2023

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12023Layer-by-layer hierarchically structured nanofibrous membrane scaffolds incorporating metal-organic framework and carbon nanotube adsorbents for high-performance versatile organic solvent recoveryLim, Josh HuaiXun; Goh, Kunli; Ng, Daniel Yee Fan; Chew, Jia Wei; Wang, Rong Click here 
22023Fabrication of organic solvent nanofiltration membranes with graphene oxide - enhanced covalent organic framework via interfacial polymerizationOor, Jia Zheng; Ong, Chi Siang; Tan, Yong Zen; Chew, Jia WeiClick here 
32023Global void ratio of municipal solid waste for compression indices estimationPi, Xiaoqing; Fei, Xunchang; Wang, Yao; Sun, Xinlei; Guo, YuliangClick here 
A general best-fitting equation for the multimodal soil–water characteristic curveZhao, Yan; Rahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Zhai, Qian; He,Jie


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52023Probabilistic optimal interpolation for data assimilation between machine learning model predictions and real time observationsWei, Yuying; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Yang, Chun

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Engineering ultra-permeable and antifouling water channel-based biomimetic membranes toward sustainable water purificationLi, Xuesong; Yang, Linyan; Torres, Jaume; Wang, RongClick here 
72023Mixed cation transport behaviours in electrodialysis during simultaneous ammonium enrichment and wastewater desalinationYang, Dingchang; Liu, Hong; She, QianhongClick here 
82023Lecithin decorated thin film composite (TFC) nanofiltration membranes for enhanced sieving performanceCheng, Lilantian; Xie, Yinshan; Li, Xin; Liu, Fei; Wang, Yi; Li, JianClick here 
Retrieval of total suspended solids concentration from hyperspectral sensing using hierarchical Bayesian model aggregation for optimal multiple band ratio analysisPak, Hui Ying; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lin, WeisiClick here 
Repurposing human hair keratins into novel fibers based on interfacial polyelectrolyte complexationFoo, Laura Li-En; Ng, Kee Woei Click here 
112023Guide to rational membrane selection for oily wastewater treatment by membrane distillationZhang, Xiaocheng; Liao, Xiangjun; Shi, Minghao; Liao, Yuan; Razaqpur, Abdul Ghani; You, XiaofeiClick here


Ultra-short cyclized β-boomerang peptides: structures, interactions with lipopolysaccharide, antibiotic potentiator and wound healingSinha, Sheetal; Dhanabal, Vidhya Bharathi; Manivannen, Veronica Lavanya; Cappiello, Floriana; Tan, Suet-Mien; Bhattacharjya, SurajitClick here 
132023Bio-functional collagen/casein/chitosan scaffolds regulated porous TFC membrane for acid recoveryXiao, Pei; Li, Xin; Li, Lei; Liu, Fei; Wang, Yi (Alex); Li, JianClick here 
142023Masses and size distributions of mechanically fragmented microplastics from LDPE and EPS under simulated landfill conditionsLu, Xuhong; He, Hongping; Wang, Yao; Guo, Yuliang; Fei, XunchangClick here 
152023Versatile Janus architecture for electrocatalytic applicationsSui, Nicole L. D.; Lee, Jong-MinClick here 
162023 Co-locating offshore wind and floating solar farms – effect of high wind and wave conditions on solar power performanceBi, Cheng; Law, Adrian Wing-KeungClick here 
172023Pyrolysis of Ca/Fe-rich antibiotic fermentation residues into biochars for efficient phosphate removal/recovery from wastewater: turning hazardous waste to phosphorous fertilizerZhang, Mingdong; Chen, Qinpeng; Zhang, Ruirui; Zhang, Yuting; Wang, Feipeng; He, Minzhen; Guo, Xiumei; Yang, Jian; Zhang, Xiaoyuan; Mu, JingliClick here 
Direct one-step controlled partial depolymerization and upcycling of poly(ethylene terephthalate) into hyperbranched oligomeric ionogelGuo, Ziyan; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Ng, Joseph Kok Wei; Yan, Weili; Gupta, Nupur; Hu, Matthew XiaoClick here 
192023Amphiphilic ligand in situ assembly of uranyl active sites and selective interactions of molybdenum disulfideLiu, Yuhui; Lu, Yaning; Zhang, Shuang; Li, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Zhibin; Ge, Liya; Chang, MengYu; Liu, Yunhai; Lisak, Grzegorz; Deng, ShengClick here 
202023Photo-Fenton reaction derived self-cleaning nanofiltration membrane with MOFs coordinated biopolymers for efficient dye/salt separationLi, Jian; Xie, Yinshan; Cheng, Lilantian; Li, Xin; Liu, Fei; Wang, ZhenyuClick here 
212023Time-dependent metabolomics uncover dynamic metabolic adaptions in MCF-7 cells exposed to bisphenol AZhao, Haoduo.; Liu, Min; Yang, Junjie; Chen, Yuyang; Fang, MingliangClick here 
Defossilization and decarbonization of hydrogen production using plastic waste: temperature and feedstock effects during thermolysis stageVeksha, Andrei; Wang, Yuxin; Foo, Jun Wei; Naruse, Ichiro; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
Use of osmotic tensiometers in the determination of soil-water characteristic curvesLiu, Hengshuo; Rahardjo, Harianto; Satyanaga, Alfrendo; Du, HejunClick here 
242023Recent electrode and electrolyte choices for use in small scale water treatment applications - a short reviewTonanon, Panyawut; Webster, Richard DavidClick here 
252023Redistribution of perfluorooctanoic acid in sludge after thermal hydrolysis: location of protein plays a major roleYan, Wangwang; Song, Mengsha; Zhou, YanClick here 


2023Incorporating ionic carbon dots in polyamide nanofiltration membranes for high perm-selectivity and antifouling performanceZheng, Han; Mou, Zihao; Lim, Yu Jie; Liu, Bo; Wang, Rong; Zhang, Wang; Zhou, KunClick here 
262023Development, performance and microbial community analysis of a continuous-flow microalgal-bacterial biofilm photoreactor for municipal wastewater treatmentZhang, Xiaoyuan; Ji, Bin; Tian, Junli; Liu, YuClick here 
Nanocomposite foams with balanced mechanical properties and energy return from EVA and CNT for the midsole of sports footwear applicationChang, Boon Peng ; Kashcheev, Aleksandr; Veksha, Andrei; Lisak, Grzegorz; Goei, Ronn; Leong, Kah Fai; Tok, Alfred ling Yoong; Lipik, VitaliClick here 
282023Novel synthesis of activated biochar-supported catalysts for pyrolysis of cardboard waste derived from express packageShen, Yafei; Chen, LiangClick here 
292023Effects of plastic-derived carbon dots on germination and growth of pea (Pisum sativum) via seed nano-primingLiang, Lili; Wong, Siew Cheong; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
302023Importance of carbon structure for nitrogen and sulfur co-doping to promote superior ciprofloxacin removal via peroxymonosulfate activationMohamed Faisal Gasim; Veksha, Andrei; Lisak, Grzegorz; Low, Siew-Chun; Hamidon, Tuan Sherwyn; M. Hazwan Hussin; Oh, Wen-DaClick here 
A techno-economic assessment of the reutilisation of municipal solid waste incineration ash for CO₂ capture from incineration flue gases by calcium loopingLim, Lek Hong; Tan, Preston; Chan, Wei Ping; Veksha, Andrei; Lim, Teik-Thye; Lisak, Grzegorz; Liu, WenClick here 
322023Oxygen carrier derived from ferric sludge for chemical looping combustion of MSW syngas: waste derived material performance and carbon footprint assessmentKoh Yang, Joewin Chat How; Liu, Guicai; Chan, Wei Ping; Zhao, Ya; Chin, Vernette Mei Ping; Liu, Wen; Lim, Teik-Thye; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
332023Membranes with ZIF-8 regulated MXene nanosheet stacks for efficient molecular sievingLi, Jian; Li, Lei; Li, Xin; Dong, Liangliang; Wang, Zhenyu; Shen, Jiangnan; Van der Bruggen, BartClick here 
342023Choice of DLVO approximation method for quantifying the affinity between latex particles and membranesLay, Huang Teik; Ong, Chi Siang; Wang, Rong; Chew, Jia WeiClick here 
352023Inherently separated syngas production from plastic waste fast pyrolysis integrated with volatile chemical looping conversion with CO₂ splittingLiu, Guicai; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here



Fabrication of polyamide hollow fiber nanofiltration membrane with intensified positive surface charge density via a secondary interfacial polymerizationYin, Yurong; Zhao, Yali; Li, Can; Wang, RongClick here 
372023Chemocatalytic ceramic membranes for removing organic pollutants in wastewater: a reviewHe, Zeming; Ong, Jia Hui; Bao, Yueping; Hu, XiaoClick here 
382023Synergistic effect of extracellular polymeric substances and carbon layer on electron utilization of Fe@C during anaerobic treatment of refractory wastewaterXu, Hui; Zhang, Liang; Yao, Chunhong; Yang, Bo; Zhou, YanClick here 
Facile hydrophobic modification of hydrophilic membranes by fluoropolymer coating for direct contact membrane distillationZhang, Yujun; Chong, Jeng Yi; Zhao, Yali; Xu, Rong; Asakawa, Akihiko; Wang, RongClick here 
402023Medium-chain fatty acid production from thermal hydrolysed sludge without external electron donor supplementationZhang, Liang ; Wang, Xiuping; Chen, Yun; Zhang, Baorui; Xu, Hui; Li, Chenchen; Zhou, YanClick here 
Electrosorption performance on graphene-based materials: a reviewLiu, Yan; Tian, Yun; Xu, Jianda; Wang, Changfu; Wang, Yun; Yuan, Dingzhong; Chew, Jia WeiClick here 
422023Hyperlooping carbon nanotube-graphene oxide nanoarchitectonics as membranes for ultrafast organic solvent nanofiltrationNie, Lina; Goh, Kunli; Wang, Yu; Velioğlu, Sadiye; Huang, Yinjuan; Dou, Shuo; Wan, Yan; Zhou, Kun; Bae, Tae-Hyun; Lee, Jong-MinClick here 
432023Liquid crystal monomer: a potential PPARγ antagonistZhao, Haoduo; Li, Caixia; Naik, Mihir Yogesh; Wu, Jia; Cardilla, Angelysia; Liu, Min; Zhao, Fanrong; Snyder, Shane Allen; Xia, Yun; Su, Guanyong; Fang, MingliangClick here 
442023Biomass-derived porous carbons for sorption of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)Shen, YafeiClick here 
452023Robust polyamide-PTFE hollow fibre membranes for harsh organic solvent nanofiltrationFrancis, Verona Nithya; Chong, Jeng Yi; Yang, Guoying; Che, Lei; Wang, RongClick here
462023Cu-based oxygen carriers for chemical looping processes: opportunities and challengesLiu, Guicai; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
472023Heterointerface and tensile strain effects synergistically enhances overall water-splitting in Ru/RuO₂ aerogelsSui, Nicole L. D.; Li, Yinghao; Xie, Wenjie; Wang, Guangzhao; Lee, Jong-MinClick here
482023Electrochemistry combined with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy for studying catalytic and energy storage processesWebster, Richard DavidClick here 
492023Development of metal/ metal oxide electrocatalysts for expediting renewable hydrogen generationSui, Nicole L. D.; Lee, Jong-MinClick here 
Carbon dioxide capture from biomass pyrolysis gas as an enabling step of biogenic carbon nanotube synthesis and hydrogen recoveryVeksha, Andrei ; Lu, Jintao; Tsakadze, Zviad; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
512023Direct ammonium recovery from the permeate of a pilot-scale anaerobic MBR by biochar to advance low-carbon municipal wastewater reclamation and urban agricultureZhang, Xiaoyuan; Tian, Junli; Jiang, Yishuai; Geng, Yikun; Liu, YuClick here 
Comparison of energy efficiency between atmospheric batch pressure-retarded osmosis and single-stage pressure-retarded osmosisLi, Dan; Mo, Zijing; She, QianhongClick here 
532023Hybrid process of persulfate-based advanced oxidation with MeOₓ-functionalized catalytic ceramic membrane for synergistic removal of micropollutants: recent developments, new insights, and prospectsLiangdy, Arvin; Lee, Wen Jie; Bao, Yueping; Oh, Wen-Da; Lim, Teik-ThyeClick here 
542023Sequential wet extraction of phosphorus from sewage sludge using alum sludge: reassessing the aluminium-phosphorus speciation using experimental and simulation approachTiwari, Satya Brat; Hooper, Thomas J. N.; Veksha, Andrei; Chan, Wei Ping; Fei, Xunchang; Liu, Wen; Lisak, Grzegorz; Lim, Teik-ThyeClick here 
A diafiltration-nanofiltration-reverse osmosis (DiaNF-RO) process for brine management in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalinationTruong, Vinh Hien; Chong, Tzyy HaurClick here 
562023Quantitative comparison between settlement observed in MSW biodegradation and sand-salt dissolution testsGuo, Yuliang; Fei, Xunchang; Pi, XiaoqingClick here 
Water washing and acid washing of gasification fly ash from municipal solid waste: heavy metal behavior and characterization of residuesQin, Junde; Zhang, Yunhui; Yi, YaolinClick here 
582023CFD-DEM simulations of municipal solid waste gasification in a pilot-scale direct-melting furnaceZhang, Hui; Okuyama, Keiichi; Higuchi, Shinji; Soon, Genevieve; Lisak, Grzegorz; Law, Adrian Wing-KeungClick here 
592023Profiling of hair proteome revealed individual demographicsAdav, Sunil S.; Leung, Ching Yung; Ng, Kee WoeiClick here 
602023Toward highly effective loading of DNA in hydrogels for high-density and long-term information storageFei, Zhongjie; Gupta, Nupur; Li, Mengjie; Xiao, Pengfeng; Hu, XiaoClick here 
612023Quorum quenching enhanced methane production in anaerobic systems - performance and mechanismsLiu, Jianbo; Wang, Li; Lu, Dan; Wu, Dan; Zhang, Panyue; Zhou, YanClick here 
622023Effect of hydraulic retention time on performances of gravity-driven membrane (GDM) reactor for seawater pretreatmentLee, Seonki; Nötzli, Peter Andreas; Burkhardt, Michael; Wu, Bing; Chong, Tzyy HaurClick here 
Single-step extraction of bioactive compounds from cruciferous vegetable (kale) waste using natural deep eutectic solventsLee, Sze Ying; Liang, Yen Nan; Stuckey, David C.; Hu, XiaoClick here 
642023Mechanochemical post-synthesis of metal–organic framework-based pre-electrocatalysts with surface Fe O Ni/Co bonding for highly efficient oxygen evolutionZhang, Wang; Niu, Menghao; Yu, Jing; Li, Shiqi; Wang, Yu; Zhou, KunClick here 
Analogy or fallacy, unsafe chemical alternatives: mechanistic insights into energy metabolism dysfunction induced by Bisphenol analogs in HepG2 cellsJia, Shenglan; Marques Dos Santos, Mauricius; Li, Caixia; Fang, Mingliang; Sureshkumar, Mithusha; Snyder, Shane AllenClick here 
Converting sludge to slag through a high temperature slagging co-gasification process: an evaluation based on a demonstration trial and life cycle assessmentFu, Xiaoxu; Chan, Wei Ping; Chin, Vernette; Boon, Yinn Zhao; Chen, Wenqian; Zhao, Ya; Heberlein, Stephan; Gu, Yan; Oh, James; Lisak, GrzegorzClick here 
672023Understanding single-protein fouling in micro- and ultrafiltration systems via machine-learning-based modelsTanudjaja, Henry Jonathan; Ng, Angie Qi Qi; Chew, Jia WeiClick here 
682023Multi-parameter control-based operation strategy for mainstream deammonification in an integrated anaerobic biofilm reactor-step feed MBRGeng, Yikun; Gu, Jun; Zhang, Xiaoyuan; Lim, Zhuan Khai; Jiang, Yishuai; Zhang, Meng; Zhou, Yan; Liu, YuClick here 
692023Effect of free nitrous acid on extracellular polymeric substances production and membrane fouling in a nitritation membrane bioreactorJiang, Yishuai; Zhang, Xiaoyuan; Poh, Leong Soon; Ng, Wun JernClick here 
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