Published on 09 Dec 2021

Eight Habits of Highly Successful Researchers

[email protected] STEM Graduate Colloquium by Prof Michael Khor

The webinar was held on 6 December 2021, co-organised by IAS and the Graduate Students' Clubs of MAE, EEE and MSE. The participant turnout for the webinar was impressive. A highly interactive session was conducted. Prof Khor’s talk focused on the essential habits a researcher should inculcate throughout his research life to stay on track despite setbacks and be a successful researcher.

Research in this day and age is highly competitive and demanding. Prof Khor highlighted how we can navigate pressure and passion in our research life. The participants were very inquisitive. They talked about the problems they are facing in their research life currently and how they shall go about it. Prof Khor was very prompt in answering all the questions of the participants with great interest.  Overall the session was very useful for all the participants. It gave a thoughtful insight into maintaining a balance in our research life.

Sinha Anoop Kumar  | MAE Graduate Students' Club