Second Majors

Students can choose to pursue a second Major in another discipline offered either by:

  • their home School, or
  • by another School within the College. 

The second major provides students with breadth of exposure, and is also designed to provide greater depth of study in an additional discipline. Students will graduate with a degree in their First Major upon satisfying the applicable academic requirements. The Second Major will be shown on the final transcript, and students will receive an additional certificate.

Students can declare a second major with their home school after their first year and will need to obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 4.0 at the point of declaration to be eligible to take up a second major.

Available Second Major programmes include:

Integrated Second Majors

Integrated Second Major programmes are applied for at the point of admissions, allowing students to be enrolled in a second major upon matriculation to NTU. Students in these programmes may commence reading courses from both their main and second major from the first year. The applicable programmes are:


Curriculum and AU Requirements

1) Second Major Curriculum Requirements

 Core SubjectsPrescribed Electives (PE)
Total No. of AUs
No. of CoursesNo. of AUsNo. of CoursesNo. of AUsPE Requirement
Art History26927Refer to the link above.33
Chinese5156202 courses must be level 4xxx35
Communication Studies26NA24NA30
Economics5166202 courses must be level 4xxx36
English3NA8NA2 courses must be level 4xxxNA
 History515620At least one course from 3 of the 4 categories. 2 courses must be level 4xxx.35
 Linguistics and Multilingual Studies515620NA35
Philosophy 398262 courses must be level 4xxx35
 Psychology5NA6NA2 courses must be level 4xxxNA
 Public Policy and Global Affairs398262 courses must be level 4xxx35
 Sociology5156202 courses must be level 4xxx35
 Theatre and Drama131030NA33

For detailed information on the eligibility as well as course requirements and grading for Second Majors, please click here.

2) Overall AU distribution for Single and Second Major students in HASS

ChineseSingle Major24452732128
Second Major24452742138
Communication StudiesSingle Major20413432127
Second Major20413441136
EconomicsSingle Major27412730125
Second Major27412740135
EnglishSingle Major18512729125
Second Major18512739135
Fine ArtsSingle Major39362727129
Second Major39362736138
HistorySingle Major15542729125
Second Major15542739135
Public Policy and Global AffairsSingle Major15452738125
Second Major15452748135
Linguistics and Multilingual StudiesSingle Major21482732128
Second Major21482742138
PhilosophySingle Major21452735128
Second Major21452745138
PsychologySingle Major27422732128
Second Major27362748138
SociologySingle Major27422729125
Second Major27422739135

The revised AU distribution requirement will be reflected on a student's degree audit after your declaration of a second major.