Beyond the Classroom


Developing your Career and Workplace Skills

The NTU Career & Attachment Office develops and empowers students to reach their potential and fulfil career aspirations through personalised career coaching, industry-specific consultations, employability skills workshops, and career experiential programmes.

As part of a student’s ongoing development, they will read an ICC course — Career and Innovative Enterprise for the Future World, within the first two years of their time in NTU. Students will subsequently go through a credit-bearing internship as part of the university curriculum requirement. CAO offers services to guide all students in realising their career goals through personal and group advisement and coaching sessions.


Meet your Mentors

No student undertakes their academic journey alone. Guided ably by faculty members with both ample knowledge and expertise under their belt, students will enjoy dedicated support in their professional and personal development.

Our faculty comprises world-renowned scholars, who hail from the best universities worldwide and are engaged in research initiatives that inform and shape their respective academic disciplines. Faculty members also include established industry practitioners, whose expertise is invaluable in providing you with a real-life perspective of their subjects of study.

Whether they are writers, artists or public policy advisors, our faculty are united by a common passion for grooming the next generation of scholars and leaders to create transformative change.


Never alone in this journey

NTU endeavours to enhance and support the well-being of all students to enable them to excel and thrive.

We adopt a campus community approach to student support and care through which the various Schools and Halls can work together to deliver an effective level of care for our students. When required, students can visit the University Counselling Centre for a professional counselling session or access related psychological well-being services.