Research at HASS

With research playing a crucial role in our institution, we dedicate the highest level of excellence in this area, especially in the cultivation of inter-disciplinary research.

The College comprise of many research clusters and groups, featuring representation from a wide variety of schools and disciplines. The College has also been very successful in obtaining external competitive research grants and have secured over S$100M worth of grants in the past decade.

SSHR2025 Research Clusters

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Harnessing the diversity of research in NTU, the Social Science and Humanities Research 2025 (SSHR2025) Strategic Plan aims to position NTU at the forefront of research in the fields of arts, social sciences, humanities, education, and business.

The 6 focus research areas are:

Leadership and Disruptive Innovation

Human Behaviour and Technology

Language and Heritage

Sustainability and Resilience

Culture and Creativity

Education and Transformation

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