Professional attachments or internships are a key aspect of undergraduate education at NTU. The exposure and experience gained will aid students during their transition into the working world after graduation.

School5 AU
Period of Internship
ADMYes  May to July
SOHYes YesBased on student’s study plan
SSSYes YesBased on student’s study plan
WKWSCI Yes January to June

NTU Edge-Plus

A credit-bearing programme that allows NTU students to be equipped and developed with cutting-edge, industry-relevant competencies through industry-sponsored project work.

Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP)

The OEP provides a unique opportunity for NTU undergraduates to gain entrepreneurial experience outside the classroom. Students are offered internship roles in technology-based start-ups in global innovation hotspots, and work closely with founders to contribute to the business. Through OEP, students will gain a global perspective of business and markets, build valuable business contacts, and develop the skills to build and run a start-up.

Overseas Internship

Overseas Internships offer opportunities for students to widen their perspectives of the working world. It enhances their employability and career mobility worldwide upon graduation and prepares them to be competitive both locally and internationally. NTU collaborates with industry and university partners worldwide to offer students the unique learning experience of gaining real-life overseas working experience under professional guidance as part of a student’s undergraduate programme. Internship placements range from globally recognised MNCs, Singapore enterprises abroad, well established foreign corporations, to innovative start-ups and research labs all over the world.