Multi Energy Systems & Grids

Smart Grid & Advanced Power Electronics Lab @ CleanTech One

The Smart Grid & Advanced Power Electronics Lab @CTO has been equipped with many professional facilities that can emulate, demonstrate and implement not only for power electronic system but also micro-grid with different power level such as grid-connected inverter, hybrid AC-DC microgrid, wireless power transfer system, wireless battery charger, battery energy storage systems, PV optimizer, micro power park, energy hub with emerging communication and control technologies.

Thermal Energy Systems Lab@MAE

The TESLAB@MAE comprises of unique test facilities for investigating Sustainable Cryogenics & Cold Energy Systems. The test facilities serve to evaluate the influence of phase change material application (material and geometry) on the efficiency of the cold thermal energy storage systems. The test bench replicates the charge and discharge phase of a regenerator, namely High-Grade Cold Recycle, to be used in applications such Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cold energy recovery (from the regasification process).