To maximise its reach and impact, CRADLE forges collaborations with other institutions and organisations interested in learning.
In its pursuit of becoming a regional leader on the Science of Learning, CRADLE has established working partnerships with Johns Hopkins’ Science of Learning Institute (USA). The collaboration includes capital-intensive research projects focused on bilingual language and literacy acquisition, typical and atypical reading in bilinguals, lifelong learning, technology enabled learning, and others. CRADLE researchers are regularly dispatched on overseas study trips to keep track of current trends, bring back new ideas, and foster dialogs with experts from partnering institutes.
Within Singapore, CRADLE partners the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) to conduct a programmatic research agenda focused on adult employability. The project has been earmarked for S$5 million during the next three to five years.
For other consultancy services or to express interest in collaborating with CRADLE, kindly direct enquiries to [email protected]