Nadira TALIB 

How Zhan Jie


Biographical Profile
Nadira Talib was awarded the highly competitive UQ International Scholarship (UQI) to pursue her PhD studies at The University of Queensland, Australia. Her PhD research draws attention to the relationship between language analysis, the philosophical study of valuation, and political economy with a focus on policy analysis. In particular she examines the strategic role of policy discourse in relation to economy, ethics and morality.

She is the author of the book, Is it time to let meritocracy go? Examining the case of Singapore (Routledge, 2020), which presents interdisciplinary methods for constructing a flexible philosophical-analytical model that integrates elements of music, art, and water-fluid dynamics through which to apply the analytic principles of Critical Discourse Analysis for the interpretation of metaphors across historical policy texts from 1979 to 2019. Her internationally peer-reviewed journal articles are featured in ScienceDaily, Bookforum, and in an editorial review of ‘The Top 100 Cited Discourse Studies’ (2015-2019) in the subject area of ‘linguistics and language’.  These publications demonstrate a high level of commitment to the disciplinary fields of philosophy and political thought, political economy, and policy analysis.

Research Interests 
Critical discourse analysis, discourse analysis, data-led methodology, philosophical inquiry, ethics, valuation, political economy, neo-liberalism
Ongoing research projects in CRADLE@NTU
An Investigation of Pedagogical Approaches in the Acquisition of Language for Low-Waged, Low-Skilled Adult Learners of English