About Us


The Centre for Research and Development in Learning (CRADLE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) supports multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research across NTU devoted to transforming learning in higher education. Leveraging on knowledge and methods from education, psychology, neuroscience, and technology design, CRADLE aims to develop and test theories to explain learning in all of its forms.

CRADLE examines learning at multiple levels of granularity. By understanding learning within the individual, in a group, among a community, and dispersed through cyberspace, we seek to find new avenues for preparing learners for a changing world. Our pursuits range from examining what physically transpires in the brain and body during learning to analysing the impacts of what happens in the physical and virtual world because of learning.

The translational research of CRADLE comes from widening the areas in which learning is studied, improving assessments of learning, and designing processes to rapidly bring proven innovations to scale in both traditional NTU classrooms and technology enhanced courses.​ 

​​CRADLE’s Vision is driven by three thrusts of research: (i) Science of Learning; (ii) Learning Sciences; and (iii) Future Economy and Workforce Learning.

The outcomes of CRADLE’s research thrusts contribute to the Centre’s SEED roles and goals:
  • Serve as an activity and technology incubator for researching and transforming learning in higher education
  • Enhance learning by developing effective technologies and mindful learning environment and activity designs supported by empirical research
  • Engage with learners, professionals, and the teaching community to identify research needs, support development opportunities, and diffuse research outcomes
  • Develop integrative and holistic models of assessment that measure learning anywhere, anytime, and without compromising rigour, objectivity or integrity