Alicia Goodwill

Alicia Goodwill

Biographical Profile
Alicia obtained her PhD from Deakin University in Australia, which examined the effects of non-invasive brain stimulation with motor skill training on neuroplasticity and skill acquisition in ageing and stroke. During this time, she also taught human anatomy and neurophysiology at the tertiary level, where she employed a range of pedagogical approaches to enhance student learning.

Prior to joining CRADLE she was a postdoctoral researcher at Australian Catholic University, working on a longitudinal cohort study of ageing to examine risk factors for cognitive health from midlife into older age.

At present, she is integrating her interest in both neuroscience and teaching, towards enhancing teacher’s understanding of neuroscientific research findings and potential classroom applications for diverse learners. She also plans to continue examining pragmatic ways to augment brain plasticity (through both lifestyle and experimental intervention) and the implications this has for education and lifelong learning.

Research Interests
Neuroplasticity, skill acquisition & lifelong learning, modifiable factors for brain health, research translation.

Research Expertise
Non-invasive brain stimulation, neuroplasticity, neuropsychology, motor control, neurophysiology.

On-going Research Projects in CRADLE@NTU
1.Translating Educational Neuroscience Clearinghouse (TENC)
2.Training Brain Literacy in Teachers