Shanmugavel Swetha


Biographical Profile

Swetha had graduated with majors in Psychology and Economics and a minor in Spanish Language. Throughout her academic journey, she actively participated in a diverse array of research projects encompassing topics such as sound symbolism, task performance, mortality salience, and moral decision-making. She also has gained valuable experience working directly with children, including children with special needs, and teaching in both school and enrichment settings.

Research Interests

Educational Psychology, Psycholinguistics

Research Expertise

Quantitative analysis methods (SPSS, R, STATA), Systematic review

Past and Current Research Projects

1. Growth in Bilingual & Biliteracy Proficiency: Environmental, Individual & Experiential Factors (GIBBER) (2023 – 2024)

2. Understanding Brain Networks of Reading and Math to Inform Diagnostics and Interventions (Brain-NORM) (2024 – Current)