Ong Cui Fann Gwen


Biographical Profile

Gwen graduated from Cardiff University with an Honours Degree in Psychology. Before graduation, she completed her professional placement at Rhodes Wood Hospital as part of Elysium Healthcare in the United Kingdom. She worked alongside registered Psychologists and Therapists to perform both clinical and research duties during her time there which include (but not limited to) facilitating therapies, therapeutic activities, and group therapies, administering psychological questionnaires, case notes and assisted in ongoing research project investigating Cognitive Remediation Therapy in collaboration with King’s College London.

Previously, she also worked with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) where she was an Education Department Intern. She actively created public education materials for conventions, educated the public on the mental capacity act and encouraged proactive planning for an eventuality of losing one’s mental capacity.

 Research Interests

Research interests surround social psychology, how individual’s social experiences may shape personal growth, encourage lifelong learning amongst adults beyond formal learning experiences and be subsequently applied to different environments. And self-regulation; specifically, how people direct their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to achieve goals.