Louise Yong

Muhammad Iskandar Shah Bin Mohmad Khalid

Biographical Profile

Since attaining my degree in psychology, I’ve been involved in various projects which look at education, especially for those with learning disabilities. I enjoy working on research targeting the early childhood population, looking at micro issues they face as they navigate through their educational years and possible inventions that can be implemented that may improve their ability to learn. 

Previously in the Office of Early Childhood Research in NIE, I am currently a Research Associate at CRADLE@NTU, involved in projects that look at differences in areas of brain activation between neurotypical individuals and those with neurological disorders such as ASD and ADHD through fMRI images, as well to identify potential early detectors in brain mechanisms that may indicate learning difficulties in children.

Research Interests
I am interested in the neurobiological basis of learning, especially in translating to the general population and applying these scientific research findings to our day-to-day living.

Research Expertise and On-going Research Projects
1) Understanding functional relationships between socio-affective and neurocognitive brain networks in adults with ASD       and ADHD to better inform learning for learners and educators: towards maximising the adult learning potential.
2) Understanding Brain Networks of Reading and Math to Inform Diagnostics and Interventions