Dr Stephen Billett

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Biographical Profile
Dr Stephen Billett is Professor of Adult and Vocational Education at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. After a career in clothing manufacturing, he was a vocational educator, teacher educator, professional educator and held a policy role in Queensland.


Research interests
Since 1992, at Griffith, he has researched learning through and for work and published widely in fields of learning for occupations, vocational education, workplace learning, work, higher education and conceptual accounts of learning for occupational purposes. 

He has been Fulbright scholar (1999), National Teaching Fellow (2009-11), ARC Future Fellow (2011-16) recipient of honorary doctorates from Jyvaskala University, Finland (2013) and University of Geneva (2020), elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia (2015), research fellow at Oxford University (2019-22), and adjunct professor at University of Stavanger, Norway (2019-23) and University Vast, Sweden (2019-2022).

On-Going Research Projects
  1. The standing of vocational education, integration of work experiences to promote university students’ employability, alignments between learning and innovations at work, resilience in healthcare workers, worklife learning in an era of change, continuing education.
  2. Training in Singapore and developing adaptability through internships in Singaporean post-secondary educational institutions.

Publications: He is the founding and editor in chief of the journal Vocations and Learning: Studies in Professional and vocational education, and the Professional and practice-based learning book series for Springer.